Gangs, Drill & Prayer

Going to church in South London may not be quite what you expect, young Christian are mobilising across the United Kingdom with the mission to lure gang members away from the street life and towards god through the power of music.

In this film we hear from a 21 year old Pastor Enrique, as he shares his story with us, revealing the horrific events which made him give up being South London gangster rapper and becoming a pastor all at such a young age.

We also hear from several artists whose music is inspiring the youth to change their way of life, artists such as Hope Dealers, who spit holy bars over the hardest of beats, drill. This movement, however, does not come without controversy; as the group can be seen wearing balaclavas in church, which is being frowned upon for obvious reasons. Their intentions are also being brought into question as people feel they are in it purely for the money.


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