Garavito: The World’s Worst Serial Killer

20th centuries most prolific serial killer is largely unknown throughout the world, though he brutally murdered at least 140 children, posing as a priest or teacher he lured poor young boys away from their families, raped them and murdered them. Committing his crimes in various regions of Columbia South America in the 1990’s he managed to elude authorities for nine long years. WHat goes on inside the mind of a serial killer? and how do the authorities go about catching one? We’ll find out from the experts as we track Garavito the worlds worst serial killer.

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  1. The amazing methods used to profile this person are really incredible.. the skill and luck involved in his apprehension are quite staggering. Congratulations to all the folks who brought this person to justice. Just how the South American justice system works is very allowing this mans eventual release is to accept that he will surely kill again. I realize that life is cheap in South America, no doubt due to the failings of the government to bring in the death penalty for crimes of this nature [ 140 male children abused, tortured and killed. ] Alan New Zealand.