The Gatekeepers

Directed by Dror Morech and originally released in 2012 The Gatekeepers is a film which sets out to tell the story of the Israeli internal security service, Shin Bet or known in Hebrew as ‘Shabak’. Shin Bet is very much like the American FBI or the British MI5 and through the use of in-depth interviews, archival footage and computer animation we gain a unique insight into its operation.

For this documentary Dror somehow managed to get six former directors of this intelligence agency to openly come on camera and discuss their organization’s successes and failures since the Six Day War in 1967. As expected all these men are hyper-patriots who would do anything to save Israeli lives and to preserve the Jewish state but what is not so likely is the fact that they are all in agreement that Israel is on the wrong track and some have become outspoken opponents of Netanyahu’s policies.

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  1. Very rare documentary.Thanks for the upload-imagine getting most of the main protagonists of the security/intelligence apparatus of Israel to talk about their work.Huge insights into how these men think and the implications of their chilling,cold-blooded actions on the people of Palestine.Compelling stuff!