Gaza We Are Coming

Gaza We Are Coming is a documentary describing the maritime mission that successfully broke the Israeli blockade.

Israel’s attack on a flotilla of aid ships sailing for Gaza has once more put the spotlight on the Israeli blockade of the Strip.

But, activists did manage to break the Israeli blockade. In August 2008, two wooden Greek ships laden with 44 activists from 17 different countries managed something no other vessel had in 41 years and broke the marine blockade that Israel has unilaterally imposed in Gaza, in contravention of international law.
The mission was the brainchild of the Free Gaza Movement, founded in 2006, who realised that the only realistic way of breaking through the blockade was via the sea.

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  1. Israel has no moral, historical or any other justification for the occupation of Palestinian land. NONE. Israel has been in violation of international law the whole time they have occupied the gaza strip, and the US is the only reason why nothing can be done about it. We need more brave individuals like these activists fighting for what is right.

  2. If I remember rightly ALL and ANY film of the Israeli attack on the ships was confiscated by the Israeli authorities when they arrested everybody. So No independent versions exist. Trying to hide the truth tells us a lot anyway.

  3. What a bunch of crap. A shipload of terrorists trying to provoke a fight.
    Where are they now when Assad is killing innocent women and children in Syria ?
    Don’t waste your time on this B.S

  4. Doesn’t seem like much of a blockade to me. They just sailed a boat from Greece to the Gaza Strip. Where was the Israeli resistance to this effort? None at all. If Israel cared about this, they would have stopped them, but there was no hint to this anywhere in the documentary. So… what’s the point of this film? Now I see why it has a horrible rating.

    Don’t bother watching.

  5. Why don’t they try a flotilla to Syria?

  6. When will it end? Neither side will ever be satisfied ..ever …and speaking completely apolitical, what kind of Texas dummy calls a man bound by his hands and ankle a suicide? I mean, I’m just saying …