Generals At War: The Battle Of The Bulge

1944- Adolf Hitler starts a gigantic offensive in the West. If the Allies cannot contain the German advance, Adolf Hitler could win a victory.

This exciting series takes a fresh approach to the great battles of World War Two. Each film tells the story of the head-to-head between two iconic generals.

In a dramatic device, a war-time bunker becomes the setting for these epic conflicts.

As the generals face off across a the battle map it comes alive in CGI: soldiers march across the table, tanks blast away at each other and planes fly overhead. As the action unfolds, two modern day military specialists – often generals themselves – get inside the heads of their historical counterparts to unpick their strengths and weaknesses.

And a team of experts out in the field, including an army tank commander, a former Special Forces sniper and an enthusiastic explosives engineer – compare and contrast the hardware our generals had at their disposal.

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