Genghis Khan

In the year 1162 deep in the heart of Asia a child was born, he was clutching a blood clot, a so called sign from heaven that he was destined to be a great warrior. His life was to become a legend, his name was Genghis Khan. Many believe his story is a simple one, that being he was the incarnation of evil, a brutal barbarian that butchered millions of people. The real character of Genghis however is far more intriguing.

How was it that this illiterate outcast of society managed to turn the feuding tribes of Mongolia into a powerful nation and how was it that he transformed the Mogul hordes into a disciplined fighting machine with an army that ultimately stood posed to conquer the entire continent of Europe. And why on his death bed did his divine mission remain unfulfilled?

Shortly after he died his heirs gathered their memories into an epic account of his life, they called it “The Secret History of The Moguls”. The combination of the Secret History along with the close consultation of the leading scholars allows this film to be the most complete television portrait of Genghis Khan ever made. The characters are all real historical figures and the words of Genghis Khan are rooted in the great speeches of the Secret History.

This is the story of how that tiny fist turned to iron and came to rule the largest land empire ever known.

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