EP2/3 Genius of Britain

A Roomful of Brilliant Minds

This episode looks at the scientific spark that ignited the Industrial Revolution in Britain. James Dyson tells the story of how a young James Watt was inspired to perfect the steam engine that would change the world forever. Jim Al-Khalili explains how Joseph Priestley, a clergyman with a fascination for gases, discovered the very air we breathe and started a craze for soda water.

David Attenborough talks about his hero Joseph Banks, the great naturalist who sailed to the South Seas and founded Kew Gardens on his return. And Robert Winston reveals the extraordinary story of John Hunter, surgeon, anatomist… and body-snatcher.


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  1. Wow!!!! Victorian England was truly glorious indeed!!!! It was the era of unprecedented achievement, invention and accomplishments!!! If it were not for Karl Marx and his evil ideas, the 20th century would not be filled with bloodbath!!!! Ughhhhhhh!!!! Nazism was only a variation of marxism!!!
    Marxism – competing economic classes Nazism – master race and inferior, subhuman race!!! Two sides of the same evil coin based on Kant!!!!

  2. This whole series is most-wonderful, indeed.