EP3/3 Genius of Britain

Turning on The Lights

The third programme in the series looks at the scientific titans of the 19th century, whose drive and ambitions created the railways, discovered electricity and devised one of the most explosive ideas ever: evolution. James Dyson looks at the life of Michael Faraday, the impoverished son of a blacksmith who became obsessed with electricity and gave us energy at the flick of a switch. Kathy Sykes explores the many achievements of Lord Kelvin, who amassed over 70 patents, wrote the laws of thermodynamics and was responsible for the first transatlantic telegraph cable

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  1. Science would bring great horror?? What the crap!!!
    It was the great minds who discovered these principles and made them practical and beneficial like in the 18th and most importantly in the 19th century that laid the foundation for the 20th’s great achievements!!!
    Evil men used them for evil just like they did throughout all time so do not blame great minds and science for the evils perpetrated by evil men like hitler and stalin et cetera!!!! And in the whole picture, technology and industry brought unprecedented benefit and longevity and pleasure to human life never ever seen in all of human history!!!!
    The 19th century truly was the time of the greatest, undreamed, unprecedented of events and achievements!!!! In just 80 years, these british geniuses and giants changed the world forever!!!! Ending centuries of poverty, stagnation, filth, hopelessness, resignation and hunger and manual labor, most of mankind lived in most of human history!!!!!!

  2. If Maxwell isn’t mentioned here, I’m gonna eat my hat