George W. Bush: The 9/11 Interview

National Geographic Channel presents George W. Bush: The 9/11 Interview, a world premiere documentary that reveals exclusive, first-person insight into the former president’s experience following the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

In the most in-depth on-camera interview he has ever given on the subject, President Bush recalls what he was thinking and feeling and what drove the real-time, life-or-death decisions he faced in the first minutes, hours and days after the most lethal terrorist attacks ever on U.S. soil. Hear in unprecedented, intimate detail what he grappled with as both commander in chief, and as a man concerned for his family and fellow citizens.

George W. Bush: The 9/11 Interview also takes viewers behind the scenes with extensive archival footage and exclusive materials directly from his library that open a new window into his personal experiences during that historic day that changed the face of America, and the world, forever.

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  1. Rude.

  2. Prove that. Oh, yeah, I believe Bob Woodward did the investigation on it, and guess what? He proved he did not lie. Woodward has no party loyalty to Bush and in fact investigated Watergate.

  3. This sick, lowlife fucking murderous bastard was behind 9/11, its a FACT ! wake the fuck up you god damn stupid fucking AMERICANS !!!!!

  4. My favorite documentary. Here is how a decisive, compassionate, manly president is supposed to react in a crisis. No better man can be found than G. W. Bush when terrorists strike. He should go down in history as one of the greatest presidents of all time. He is one of the best; Obama is the absolute worst. He is warm; Obama is cold. He is a protector; Obama is an empty suit.

  5. He tells his driver to “slow down, Al Queda isnt here” and then 15minutes later he says he was told by his security team that they suspect Al Queda and its the first he has heard of it??? Big slip up George!!!

  6. I know many of you have been critical of President Bush, as have I on many occasions. This documentary, whether genuine or not, showed a man with an enormous responsibility, and a man who deeply cared about the people of his country.
    Regardless of the overwhelming evidence that this was a well orchestrated inside job, I saw no sign from your President that he knew of this.
    He came across as sincere and humbled by the responsibility which he faced.

    Angela Derzaph
    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

  7. Bush, shocked and awed: 12:40

  8. The best (read Evil) “first” interview
    was with CBS aboard Airforce One.

    In it, Bush is obviously nervous and excited. 9/11 was the
    original “shock and awe,” with the joke that the USA was shocked and awed.

    They only played the CBS one time and now CBS won’t even
    admit they have the interview. Bush comes off so creepy in it –he just could
    not stop smiling.

    That interview and this one should be enough proof the
    president does not control anything. There was a government/military coup November
    22, 1963, when JFK was murdered in broad daylight with thousands of people
    lining the streets waving at him as he passed by. (Bytheway, notice the block
    length he travelled did not have thousands lining the street as that was a
    sudden detour and no one expected him to travel that street.)

    That “coup group” reinforced its authority on 9/11, followed
    by the anthrax mail-o-grams. The point is, if you don’t yet get it—is—these M-f-k-rs
    are bad ass killers. They will not debate you. Do not expect them to answer
    your questions.

    The only thing you can do is teach your children not to
    trust this government or military. Keep alert that all government workers are
    conditioned that all others are not equal. When the government is certain they
    do not have a loyal populace any more they will set their workers against the
    rest and their workers will include all law enforcement and military (read
    mercenaries) (read jackals).

    This should give you a new interest about those figures of
    the American Revolution, like Thomas Paine, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson,
    John Adams, John Hancock… they forced
    through the concept: “government for the people by the people” while preserving
    the interests of capitalists. Capitalists are those that lead others, the great
    progressive minds, they organize others and develop good ideas that any person
    might have. You may have noticed, people with good ideas today oftentimes wind
    up dead.
    Do not confuse the capitalists of the 1700s with todays fascists. The
    fascists regained world power around 1930. They announced their foothold with
    the massacres of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Eisenhower warned the world about
    their existence, but only after he left office, still it was brave of him to do
    so. JFK and most probably RFK were both inspired by Ike, yet they were not
    street smart enough to realize if Ike did not face them when he was top general
    or president, then whoever THEY are, you best be ready to kill THEM first—or THEY
    will kill you!

    Back to Bush… how in the hell can some unknown black guy
    become president if the votes are rigged? We know the votes are rigged because Bush
    was elected—twice and at least once they had to publically cheat. How the hell
    has Dennis Kuscinich or Ron Paul not at least won the candidate’s seat if your
    vote means anything? (Bytheway, JFK’s father double-cheated the win for his son.)

    So, don’t be mad at Bush, he at least exposed the shadow government. Obama is
    worse than Bush, but he seems more sincere, that is, he can control his
    laughter, but Obama is prima facie proof the presidency is merely a public
    relation scheme. Watch for Mitt Romney to become more “unvotable” as the
    election nears, as did McCain.

  9. 33:17 – watch him almost say “bomb” in reference to the pentagon…and then stutter as he corrects himself…

  10. To those amerians out there who are sticking of for bush, with notions of intelligence and leadership qualities are absurd. Dont be ignorant to the fact that bush as well as obama now are puppets to the major corporate and financial oligarchs who control the world. us humans are a disgusting breed of animal, so ignorant to what is reaally important in the world. half the world believes in god need i say more, is that any different thn believing in unicorns?? i think not..then again americans are that thick they prob believe in them also , over n out

  11. “obviously i was horrified like everyone else. But unlike everybody else i had a job to do at that particular moment”… the 1000’s of rescue workers, hospital workers, and everyone else didnt have a job to do

  12. This man was the best man to have as President on that infamous day. He was presidential, decisive, gentle, strong, determined, and brave. His wife must have been in awe. I know I was, and still am. Many bad things are said about this President. But in a time of sudden crisis like 9/11, no better man could be found for Head of State. I will always admire this great man. Listen to this documentary closely, and you will hear, not a man who cannot speak without tripping up (which is always alleged against him), but a man who says the right thing in the right way: because he is an intelligent, clear-minded man who speaks from the heart.

  13. he’s just smart

  14. Utterly proven hard rock core science, immutable, has been done which proves all the building on 911 were destroyed by controlled demolition. Our government are the only people who had access to all 3 of the buildings. You don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to connect the dots, you do need to be an ungodly liar to.deny the proven science. Free fall speed makes Newtons Laws of Motion bogus science, this proven science proves the building were destroyed by explosives. This pond scum is lying through his teeth. I would like to see him hanging along side, in the photo of the assassins who conspired to murder Lincoln. This is what he deserves. Those people who had to jump off theTower will not be avenged until this guy is hung.

  15. Rupert Murdoch owns The National Geographic Channel. Can ya take a hint?

  16. hahaha, you assholes blame blush for causing 911 and you rant and troll, but you don’t have any real evidence, the government hid it all. so what if they did it, do you really think a 1000 people can bring justice to the american government, do you really think 1 million can, do you really think even 80% of america who believe bush caused this can do anything, come on. get with the program america. you cant do anything so shut the fuck up, its the truth!

  17. A great leader and President, and missed.

  18. Incredible president, history will judge him as one of the most important and successful presidents ever, just as Harry Truman was. During his lifetime people thought Harry Truman was a stupid jock who didnt know anything. But history, reflection and deep study without media bias proved him a great president, and so will mr Bush.

    To all you haters out there you dont know what you are talking about, you are just hipsters playing the tune of sigh of the times. You mock his personality without realizing that his confidence and intelligence overshadows yours with decades of self reflection. You have never studied presidential history, comparative politics or history out of different perspectives. You all need to grow up, but I don’t really care, I find your comments hilarious as they are ludicrous.

    Very emotional documentary, thanks for upload.

    God Bless George Bush and Laura Bush, you have my admiration and love.

  19. You president Bush, are a liar.

  20. Him and Tony Blair WHERE SUPPOSED to be facing a committee in a particular department of the United Arab Emirates no long ago about several certain war crime accusations etc. Then it all went quiet. The worst thing is Tony Blair is an actual official representative of the middles east! Which is so ironically dark humoured that its not even funny. When you see a Prime Minister and a President walking away scott free from such severe world crimes without even a trial, you have tyrants on your hands. Powerful ones.

    Regarding vote fixing, yes in 2000 in California there was. Also a certain somebody got his head blew off with a full clip of .45 hollow tips and dumped over in the boarder the same month…say no more, big brother is watching…

  21. 911 was a warning, be aware for more

  22. I really like bush he comes across very genuine in this im sure that he is not all bad

    • I am sure you are less than a total idiot, “bubbagump” .   puh—pleeez.  this is a conversation for big people honey-  you run along now. 

  23. I have viewed the documentaries of the Nazi techniques of manipulating the German people. His statement saying,” Either your with us, or your with the terrorists” to the whole world is a declaration of war to the whole world. This cold blooded exercise of claiming the authority to consider American citizens as expendable to the PNAC agenda is worse than the Nazi false flags attacks committed against Poland at the start of WW2. This was the start of WW3, with the PNAC agenda of controlling all the oil they can during the peak oil crisis we are now in. The rest of the world knows this, and is not under the spell of the agenda controlled mass media in the USA. The civilians killed in the Iraq war were 90% of the causalities. This is a war crime, and G.W. Bush is our own home grown king or terror. He is cool, calculating, and exceedingly cold blooded, that ,of course depends on what the definition of is, is? That’s all were going to get from the government for the rest of our history. We may end up like Nazi Germany did.

  24. What a Fuk3n joke, not even going to watch this Mind controlling shit

  25. I love how he says that when he landed at the airbase the lad that was running him to the building was speeding. He told him to slow down because al qaeda isn’t here…. how the hell did he know al qaeda done it at that point. He knew cause that was the plan to pin it on them. Doesn’t matter how much you practice a lie you always mess up in the end eh Georgie boy….

  26. Listen to his comments at 20:25…….And then at 24:25……Notice yet another hole in Mr Bushes terms of events ? Hmmmmm

  27. it is very sad to watch, reliving the tragedy and death and betrayal; and to what end. Well, here you have the seasoned liar, a man trained to lie and in this case given a decade to prepare the lie and yet it is obvious that he can not pull it off. As a poker player, as a street kid you can not miss the gives, the signs that he is lying, over and over again the tells are there and history varifies that what is seen in his facial betrayals verus the truth, not what is in his words. It is a very good practice session for those who wish to desipher truth while listening to lies. As sick as it is it is a gift from a sick individual and a sick media representing a very sick power; our current masters.

  28. O dear , 

    what a lot of B…dust 

    NO BUILDING 7 ? no Image of the rocket hitting the pentagon  come one boy`s give me a brake .


    what people don`t know is Bush grand father was part of the FRB a privet company printing the american money , should I say more …… 

  29. This man managed to destroy a nation as prosperous as the USA. He inherited a budget surplus and then proceeded to piss it all away and get the country so far into debt that it may never recover. The short sighted, stupid arrogance of this man is beyond belief, America was on a good road with a budget surplus, now look at the mess. With the current political situation things are not getting any better, still trying to borrow to get out of debt and all people in Washington do is argue and don’t fix anything. Dark times lie ahead for the USA, China is economy No.2, for now….. 

  30. if you believe this absolute lie? then wake the fuck up! your in lala land. bush was corrupt from day one. the upper echelon of corporate ceo’s run in cahoots with the american government. and together they make the world their playground for profiteering. among many other presidents, bush was close to the worst.

  31. He doesn’t say a word about tower 7.  He was additionally warned about this possibility in a recent PDB and don’t even get me started about the bogus Iraq war.

  32. nanothermite. 



  33. Painful…to watch…and to hear….
    Its very hard to comprehend that the American people elected this twit, not once…. but twice! His antics, his jesters, his demeanor, all show the intellectual development of a junior high school jock. Its as if all the world is his stage and he doesn’t realize he is the only idiot in the theater. He would have served himself better by just fading away into the annals of history as the worst president of the past century.

  34. load of crap