The Gettys: A Tragedy Of Riches

Once upon a time there was a man so rich, that in order to count out his money by noted dollar bills it would have taken a whole lifetime. Behind the walls of his English county house he lived as best he could with the terrible label the press had given him “J. Paul Getty, The Richest Man In The World”.

This film is a powerful account of how the Getty dynasty became tormented by its own wealth and filled with tragedy after tragedy. J. Paul Getty was started out as a driven man, wanting only to prove his dying father wrong in assuming that he could not run the family oil business, with this obsession he went on to become the richest man in the world.

This fact however did not provide Getty with happiness, one of his sons killed themselves, one died during childhood and the other was disinherited. In this two part series we hear from his family as they provide some insight into the legacy that J. Paul Getty left behind.

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