GG Allin – Hated: Special Edition

This special edition of the legendary documentary from filmmaker Todd Phillips consists of the most detailed and intimate footage the world will ever see of GG Allin. Both fans and critics alike have praised this film for its truthfully brutal portrait of an American Rock N Roll icon at the peak of his madness. By skillfully combining concert and interview footage of GG, Phillips “delves deeply into the bloodstained world of human abomination” and creates “a must-have for Allin fans and detractors alike”, according to FILM THREAT. There may never be another GG Allin. This documentary brilliantly examines an artist whose life was his performance.

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  1. from a musical point of view 90% of GG’s stuff is utter shite (and this is a fan talking) but the other 10% is godlike genius.Its amazing to hear the utter hate in the mans voice.This doc is quite a cathartic watch for me,like Unk,I could never do what GG did onstage…but since he did it,i dont have to,and thats kind of a relief and also quite empowering to see someone take it that far for what he believed in/didnt believe in.GG was so underground he needed a periscope to cross the street.You are allowed to hate him and ridicule him.he would have wanted it that way.NAND Gate…define fraud.and while you are at it,explain your concept of “punk” . William S Burroughs defined it as “a guy in prison who takes it up the ass”. Todays standards define it as Safe,radio friendly rebellion. GG was in my opinion probably closer to the first…but didnt give a shit. He was about as safe as a dirty needle and as radio friendly as a person with a psychotic hatred of radios.Nothing fake or fraudulent about him.Stick a fork in me.

  2. He did what he did better than anyone else, thus he is a genius. Extraordinary.

  3. In MY opinion; yes he needed help but it was HIS choice not 2 seek it. Thats ok in this world. Only thing I see is a man who hated himself and didnt know how 2 escape those feelings. He just went alot further than any of US wish to. His band actually had some talent, what a shame. Dont forget, no matter what, he was a person. God rest his soul

  4. back in the days of making zines G.G. Allin sent me some letters, time period was the last time he was in jail before his death, they were multi paged legal pad size front and back rants and some times he drew a self portrait. I think i still have one of the letters with a self portrait the others have gone missing over the years….but anyway those were some crazy long, hand written bits of work…no doubt he was in need of psychological help I guess he never got any.

  5. Hope you fucks rot together with your filthy mothers

  6. what can i say gg was a fuckin rebel disturbed indiviual   i think he cuda been hardcore to the core with out all that other shit he was doing that was like extra he had the charisma and talent to do it all along everything else was just too much in my opinion but i guess thats what he left inprinted in the minds of everybody and he succeded so more power to him u still have people talking about him too this day muthafucker gets a reaction even those hes 6 feet deep

  7. yep, a psychopathic, white-trash, filthy motherfucker… didn’t deserve a decent casket. I mean how disturbed was this bastard?  And who would actually pay to see that shit? I mean he also had misogynistic issues, yet was bi-sexual, and at times submissive???  A drug addict that shoved microphones up his ass, drank piss, fought, ate his shit and flung it at people? What an artist… a real train wreck, as in you have to  look, but vile, putrid, etc.  Too bad he didn’t actually kill himself on stage. I would’ve watched that.

  8. G.G. Allin is dead…and that’s a good thing.

  9. A very sad example fo someone desperate for attention. A scial inadequate…I was ina punk band and did the rock n’ roll thing… the books, done the stage bit,…this guy is sad…..not funny, nut political, not nihilism…just a sad guy who desperately needed attention

  10. haha it’s funny because he has a small weiner

  11. He was just a mentally disturbed junkie with a tiny dick and no talent.

  12. GG Allin was the most pure example of modern nihilism. Only in rock & roll could he find an audience and spread his message and beliefs. 

    It is only through the complete rejection of all social, moral and cultural norms that his rock and roll nihilism can be expressed. He rejected the law, society, even his fans. He wasn’t grateful for anything. He was hated, and hated at least as much.

    Nietzche didn’t have anything on GG. Other philosophers and artists shared a similar madness, but none so extreme in contemporary times. Nietzche might have rejected the church and god, but GG was willing to reject everything. I would argue he even rejected himself. His ultimate failure to kill himself, despite his extreme uber will, is a testimate to the limits of all men, even men with no limits.
    RIP GG. Too extreme for this world.

    • You give the man too much credit, though i don’t even know if i should call the decease a man. He wore panties, had a tiny pecker, spread shit on his face and whatnot. Yeah, what a man. Not too extreme, just mentally retarded and violent, in dire need of a straight jacket and a lethal injection much sooner than when his time came.  One thing is for certain, he truly was a scum fuck, haha!

  13. Should have put the casket in a landfill.

  14. Rock and Roll!

  15. easily one of the greatest music docs of all time. up there with GIMME SHELTER. i saw this years ago. the odd part is Todd Phillips made this when he was 20, but you could definitely feel his humor through out the piece.

  16. I am having trouble trying to buy the concept that madness is somehow talent. I guess I can inject Draino into my forehead and find out.

    Really good doc – but GG Allin is about as interesting as taking a crap. Kind of interesting, kind of disgusting, sometimes impressive but mostly nothing of note.

    •  Meh,Then there are also people like myself that do believe that GG stood for freedoms that we have since lost. I don’t know if he knew it himself but this guy had a premonition of what was to come.Meh, Just like he predicted the gestapo Militant Police state is here. Meh,You don’t seem to mind though.Meh,I doubt there’s much to you as a Person. 

  17. “I turn to her and i said.. Jennifer you wanna piss in gg’s…. wait, wo wo wo , i fucked up i really shouldn’t.. like, say her name”

  18. Ha! I remember watching this years ago. I cn’t wait to see the comments on this one.
    Good doc by the way.

  19. Ha! I remember watching this years ago. I cn’t wait to see the comments on this one.
    Good doc by the way.

  20. Ha! I remember watching this years ago. I cn’t wait to see the comments on this one.
    Good doc by the way.

  21. any collection of documentaries is desperately lacking without this one. gg allin is an absolute testament to human ability and will. the only nihilist. bite it you scummmmm