Ghost Rapes of Bolivia

For a while, the residents of Manitoba Colony thought demons were raping the town’s women. There was no other explanation. No way of explaining how a woman could wake up with blood and semen stains smeared across her sheets and no memory of the previous night. No way of explaining how another went to sleep clothed, only to wake up naked and covered by dirty fingerprints all over her body. No way to understand how another could dream of a man forcing himself onto her in a field—and then wake up the next morning with grass in her hair.

For Sara Guenter, the mystery was the rope. She would sometimes wake up in her bed with small pieces of it tied tightly to her wrists or ankles, the skin beneath an aching blue. Earlier this year, I visited Sara at her home, simple concrete painted to look like brick, in Manitoba Colony, Bolivia. Mennonites are similar to the Amish in their rejection of modernity and technology, and Manitoba Colony, like all ultraconservative Mennonite communities, is a collective attempt to retreat as far as possible from the nonbelieving world. A slight breeze of soy and sorghum came off the nearby fields as Sara told me how, in addition to the eerie rope, on those mornings after she’d been raped she would also wake to stained sheets, thunderous headaches, and paralyzing lethargy.

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  1. We have something in Canada Called the Highway of tears is about raped and killed women
    Canada has the province of Manitoba within it Which they mostly pronounced wrong, Man-It-toe-bah and if you are Manitoban you are Canadian, which you use outside your country.
    If word got out that Mennonite colony had rapists Canadians wouldn’t rest and believe me the problem would stop. Absolute freedom has its drawbacks.

  2. It’s kind of a shame that some people are appalled by Islams in the Middle East when these acts are no different. Such as woman having almost no rights in society, an obscured male dominated political system, and woman following certain rules. Yet we’re not “intervening” on their region.

  3. …yes rich murphy, everything is fair game with you catholic lot. including toddlers. not something to brag about exactly. however your writing is so shite i may have misunderstood 98% of what you attempted to spew out

  4. why is this even called ghost rapes?

  5. Rohypnol derivative or something similar perhaps. There’s no demons. No ghosts. Nothing supernatural. Just drugged and raped.

  6. Richard Murphy’s comment wins the retard award for the day. Go back to school and learn to write you garbage bag full of dumb.

  7. WHY! would you emigrate to Bolivia there is nobody in Manitoba and its the size of fuckin Mars!. They go to Bolivia and no sex with the locals,wrong colour at least in Canada to fend of consenquenity you can Fuck a mighty whitey no wonder the GERMANS toldem to FUCK OFF.Thank GOD I AM A CATHOLIC everything is fair game.