Ghost Rider: The Final Ride

This Swedish madman, the mysterious unidentified Ghost Rider, is supposed to be in his fifties, owns a Mitsubishi dealership, has a professional black racing bike that can top 280km (before tuning) and sets off around Stockholm at unbelievable, dangerous, suicidal, breakneck speeds, weaving traffic with millimetres to spare, while being filmed via POV cameras on his bike and additional crew members filming at the sides of the freeway. It is all very illegal but because the guy has such a fast bike, and is obviously a professional with probably forty years experience, no one, not even the police can catch him

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  1. this wont load for me has anyone got another link?

  2. immerse yourself, fun to watch, guys gotta have nerves of steel to pull some of this stuff

  3. I am so gay, and love big black thick cocks im my mouth and ass

  4. I have big balls, can I teabag your wife?

  5. fucking gangster!!! that guys a legend, its called talent

  6. the girl is swedish therefore the accent so is the production and car drivers is blind as bats and cause a lot more accidents to bikers than anything else check out its a website where you can see ghostrider 2 and more about disabled bikers trikes choppers etc……great site

  7. Obviously this guy is Bruce Wayne!

  8. you are a great driver man!!why don you go in the trax an rumble on with the best??like this you can kill somebody man!!

  9. Ahthis is the man who tried a final video in 2011 and ended up under a trucks fron axel . minus a few body parts..


  11. WOW now that is BORIIIINNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGG if you like the noise errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr down your ears for what seems like forever you will love this documentary, personally i made it to the 5min mark !

  12. This man is fucking crazy…not to many people in the world with balls to do this shit.

  13. Wow, that takes nuts of steel! I have a 1997 Srad myself, cant wait to get it on the asphalt again. Shoot this is awesome. That Suzuki can take a punishing! wow!

  14. that was fucking amazing

  15. What a skill!

  16. What a skill!

  17. I was so disappointed. I was thinking that he’d killed himself – “final ride”!

    He’s obviously quite arrogant, thinking he has no match. Plenty of people could do this. They just have the respect for others not to. He’s probably quite chuffed with these videos, which are terribly boring, hiring a stupid scandinavian-accented taunting voice. And he’s an idiot. because he’s a danger to others. Hopefully he’ll remove himself from the gene pool soon.

  18. what a pile of horse s**t, who cares about some idiot who drives around on a motorbike at high speed, the idiot prob posted this himself. what a loser. how could he be a myth if there is video footage. oh the stupidity runs deep. I dont know who is more anal…him for what he does or me for bothering posting this comment

  19. Sissy.
    She’s lucky nobody else is driving as she is. Using the emergency lane all the time because she’s not able to read the traffic properly. 
    And it’s plain ridiculous with all the slowmotion captures every time she passes anything remotely close.

  20. This isn’t a documentary.

  21. This isn’t a documentary.

  22. Killllllllllller Dude……….

  23. It would be faily easy to identify this guy,he is the one pushing the wheelbarrow around,its the only way he can carry his balls. Pure lunatic,great to watch.

  24. I love this, awesome go ghost rider!

  25. In the immortal words of Trey parker and Matt Stone, I dub thee:


  26. I enjoyed it also , although illegal , it was still fun to watch .
    One more ride Ghost ? how about a ride from the Illinois suburbs into Chi-town, now that would be cool .

  27. Lol, i can believe how lame some people are! 😮 This guy is known for these films all over scandinavia and so are these films. Its pretty obvious that its not interesting for someone that dosnt know jack shit about riding a bike or anything down that line, but why the fuck do you click a movie that says Ghost rider with a pic of a guy riding a bike on it?

    How can you say that this is not a documentary by the way? Its a film that shows just about how far you can push it on a 21st century bike, and the guy is a legend. As its illegal we will have to wait with the details around “the ghost rider” until hes dead or in jail.

    Thats a jobb for you omg people, go reseach and make a documentary about it that you approve of! Ill gladly watch it:)

  28. All you negative commentors: sit in your rocking chair, drink decaffeinated herbal tea, watch over your garden – AND DIE!
    No-one needs your inane cry-baby comments about how dangerous you think it is. If you don’t like this documentary, f*ck off and find something else to do.
    This video is awesome!

  29. This is as pointless as the documentary about stupidity. Its just noise. Shit like this should stick to you tube

  30. what is wrong with you people? he is not the wanker, all you sensible,mature i do no wrong people are the wankers are. get your head out of your arses and live a little. i just wish i had balls the size of his.WHAT A LEGAND!!!!!!

  31. He’s an inspiration to us all, now where’s my bike?

  32. To Ingvarr,
    the US series you mean is “Knight Rider”, idiot. Before you make comments about other people get your facts right, bell end!
    I myself am a biker a love riding on the seat of ma pants.
    No risk, no fun, NO LIFE.

  33. ghostrider = ledgend ….

  34. The guy is an ex motorbike-pro in its 50s. After almost killing himself on the Nuernburgring (a famous raceway in germany) plus wrecking his bike he got caught by german authorities after filming a street race. Facing charges for traffic violation he now also faces very serious charges in sweden, his homecountry, he that could imprison him for at least 5 to 10 years. He will never ever legally ride a mororbike again.

  35. I’m surprised at the negative comments. While not very good production quality, I think the value in this piece shows it is still possible to live free or die trying. Yes this is glorified illegal activity and highly dangerous, but that was obviously the point. Good job in getting the message out. Kids, don’t try this at home, but if you do, ride a black bike, wear black leather, and above all, wear a black helmet!

  36. I am a film student and often watch excellent documentaries on this website for inspiration and ideas. This video about a motorcycle rider, this is NOT a documentary. I would say this is more of a glorified self masterbation video, along the same lines as people who record their clips on Call of Duty and then post them on youtube.

    Think: Would you consider amateur porn a documentary?

  37. This bit of stupidity is not a documentary, just a bunch of incredibly boring, horrid clips backed by equally horrid, out of date, passe music, narrated by a very irritating woman trying -but failing-to use a slight foreign accent as a turn on. What crap.

    The dink in this “film” – “The Ghost RIder” – should just go away with his little toys and amuse himself in a more intelligent, original, and frankly, more mature way. What, is this guy socially and mentally 5 years old? Whooo…me buy bike, me go zoom-zoom. Who gives a crap but this immature dolts with a small gonad complexes…including “professional” riders who do similar things, say, on the Isle of Mann?

    “Ghost Rider”…(how original…named after a pathetic US TV show with a talking car, way back in the vapid 80s)…stop endangering others with this tripe and spare some of the (very) little time you spend on your cinematic skills by having a more worthwhile and admirable hobby.

  38. ya but hell, it would be fun!!! for those of us that raced motorcycles or still own one, I aint got the jam to do this at my age now, but when I was young, I did it all the time, just not at 280 kph. They dont make 280 kph motorcycles to buy one and drive around in 1st gear, wheres ya balls guys?

    The race on Isle of Man is just as crazy as what this guy does, spectators standing on the side of the road as guys go by at over 280 in some places, id consoder that stupid too, rally racing, same shit.

    One mans stupidity is another mans adrenaline rush. I can think of many extreme sports young people idolize these days i think are suicidal and stupid, but they do it anyways.

    It thought this guy was English or was that another guy, because i swore i saw vids of this guy in England on the Motorways, not Sweden….

    • You only put your own life at danger if you’re into extreme sports but if this guy fuck up he could kill someone, not just himself.

      Comparing a rally track with the swedish motorway is just wrong.

  39. Hmm I’m from Sweden but I’ve never heard of this guy…

    “All the riders are professionals and were filmed in controlled enviroments” Yeah right… This is glorification of stupidity.

  40. thats one crazy motherfucker he doesnt value his life for shit regardless of his skills he is out of his fucking mind. Didnt this guy crash a few months ago and gave up the ghost rider? In his 50 I thought he was younger probably 30s

  41. racing is one thing, being stupid… i don´t get that guy, he is a threat to himself and others. retard.

  42. this is no documentary, it is just some dumbass driving his racing bike