Ghosts of Rwanda

A decade after the genocide in which Hutu extremists killed some 800,000 Rwandans, PBS’s Frontline takes a hard look at how such an atrocity occurred. The program examines the social, political and diplomatic conditions at the time of the genocide, provides firsthand accounts of the situation through interviews with officials, relief workers, U.N. peacekeepers, diplomats and survivors, and explores whether a similar situation could occur again.

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  1. There was no money to be made for the Zionists Pigs in Rwanda. You need a perpetual war, like the war on terror. to really get the troops rolling in, and the bombs getting dropped. Of course if they had oil…

  2. We can never come close to knowing the pain fear horror dread that these and other victims of the hand of man must of experienced.

    Hating anybody for a second makes us just as guilty…….love be at peace.

  3. It is beyond Tragic, that a video this good even has to be made. I was so in hopes the world could get redemption in later conflicts of the same scale (Congo, Sudan (Darfur). Why does the entire world seem yo have so much interest in Tunesia, Libya, Syria?…….But most of the world just carried on as if all was normal. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? God will deal them in his own time, and his own way. Frankly though, I don’t want to stand before him, and St. Peter at the entry gates of heaven AND HAVE TO EXPLAIN WHY WE LET THIS HAPPEN. What can we say? We were busy, We needed a break, or it was just too hard and costly after Somalia and The BlackHawk down episode Oh How about this one?…Even though the UN, (Kofi Anan, Madelone Albright KNEW DAMN WELL what was going on). Kofi Anan said “sometimes telling the aggressors ‘we know what you are up to, we will deal with you harshly sometimes this helps”. EXACTLY WHAT CRISIS on what planet is he referring to? Is he actually trying to advance the argument that the people that are capable of killing 800,000 men, women, and children WOULD GIVE A DAMN WHAT THE UN SAID? CAN ANYONE TELL ME WHEN AND WHERE HAS THE UN EVER ACCOMPLISHED THAT, ESPECIALLY USING IT’S STRONGEST CAPABILITY……. WHICH IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. IN THIS CASE WORSE THAN NOTHING, HE INSTRUCTED THE UN GENERAL TO AVOID ANY CONFRONTATION WHATSOEVER NO MATTER WHAT THE HUTU’S DID, AND (THIS IS MY FAVORITE PART) TO TELL THE RWANDAN GOVERNMENT WHAT THE HUTU’S WERE PLANNING AND HALF OF THEM WERE HUTU’S). At least Kofi Anan and the UN are consistent, they inevitably do the worst thing possible, followed by nothing….

  4. Romeo Dallaire.  A total failure who has made a career out of calling himself a victim.
    The Government of Canada has made him a senator.  He really needs to go back under his bus bench in Ottawa.  We get it: you’re oh so sorry.

    • Twizzle, you wad. Read up on the actual situation and what the UN troops had to deal with, and what they were given to do it.  But talking out of your ass is much faster and requires no effort right?

    • Twizzle, why dont you go screw yourself your heartless SOB

    • Harsh, i dont think he was the one that failed, seems to me the guy did what he could with very little help.

  5. This is really tough to watch.  

  6. This is really tough to watch.  

  7. I will share this with as many people as I can.