The Girl In The Box

In May 1977, 20-year-old Colleen Stan was kidnapped by Cameron Hooker, a violent sexual sadist who’s goal was to have his very own perfect slave. For nearly seven years Hooker kept Stan captive in a coffin sized box all the time abusing and relentlessly torturing her.

When Cameron Hooker was brought to trial in 1985 serious doubts emerged as to what exactly had taken place, the case itself truly shocked America and explored in the most dramatic way the real meaning of consent, coercion and control.

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  1. astounding, the sheer enormity of what was inflicted on Colleen is unfathomable, made mystomach lurch open mouthed with tears in my eyes to the extermem of having to watch in segments to be able to process. but strangely for all of the horror, this doc left me happy. made me appreciate my freedom and reassured by the tenacity,resiliance and strength displayed by Collen. she is remarkable and testament to what the human body and mind can endure and heal.
    as a domestic abuse survivor I feel it offers clarity on “Stockholm syndrome” and concisely explains how It is born of necessity to survive and absolutely not an absorbption of the captors perversion, wonderfully made.

  2. The defense attorney for Hooker is scary. He’s got a criminal mind of his own.

  3. “I chose life and I chose to try to pick out the positive things and go with that and not be destroyed by all this”

    Colleen is very inspiring.