The Girl Who Talked to Dolphins

This BBC documentary tells the story of one of the most extraordinary experiments ever conducted in the history of animal science. In the 1960s a powerful and charismatic scientist flooded a house. He then invited a young woman to live there full-time with a dolphin. Their intention was the ultimate in animal research, they wanted to teach the dolphin to speak English. What happened next would change all their lives. For the first time those involved in the experiment reveal the secrets of the Dolphin House

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  2. I enjoyed watching it but wth is wrong with Margret that she thought it was a good idea to do those things with a dolphin, I could care less if it was for a study or if “it was only sexual on his part” that is still disgusting.

  3. So sad how the Dolphins were just disposed of in that hovel that they were moved to…..unforgiveable, Dr Lily’s wake up call was to late.

  4. very sad,man is the only being,not within the circle of life.