Going Postal

Going Postal is the tale of several school and workplace shootings which have been responsible for casting a large shadow over American society and generating fear since the 1980’s. It is a modern phenomenon which has been coined “Going Postal”, this film includes a large number of interviews with survivors, the families of those who died and the friends and families of those who snapped and became responsible for such crimes. We also hear from the killers themselves through archival footage, these include the following people:

  • Michael Carneal (1997)
  • Joseph Wesbecker (1989)
  • Charles Andrew Williams (2001)
  • Neal Higdon (2008)
  • Steven Kazmierczak (2008)

This film asks why in this day and age does this violence occur? 2009 when this film was released marked the 10th anniversary of the Columbine massacre but this phenomenon is twice as old and hundreds have been killed.

Michael Carneal was 14 when he carried out a school shooting in Kentucky, he is now serving life and through a number of interviews we get to hear his raw and troubling story and others who were responsible for similar such shootings are placed in context.

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  1. Unfortunately, the most visible Americans are the ones most dumbed down by public education; they have no understanding of very principles on which this nation was founded, and whether they are in school or graduated in the last 15 years; far too many are the 2nd/3rd generation affected by drug use/abuse. In the last few weeks they have made the news for chomping on Tide Pods (the laundry detergent); before that, they were stuffing alcohol soaked tampax up their butts to get drunk faster—-and these are the idiots the government is using for its propaganda against gun control. Of course they are regarded as ignorant when they demand clean drinking water; an end to the warmongering around the world; the right of every woman to have an abortion, even lowering the drinking age—but leaders pandering to these groups (hoping they will be supportive in the next rigged election), while furthering their agenda to disarm legal gun owners.
    Every weekend over 30 people are killed in most major cities—they get no press unless a white police officer kills a black thug. Gangs run inner cities pushing drugs, illegal guns from Mexico (trafficked to them by our agencies), and sex workers. They rob, kill, rape, torture anyone who happens to wear the wrong color or happens to turn down the wrong street. But those crimes go unreported. And the government is content to let innocent Americans be victimized rather that taking out these real terrorists–who pose a greater threat than any pissed off teen with a rifle–because their crimes go on for years.
    The “mass” shootings at schools or in other public places are just one example of the control the deep state has. They are orchestrated by the government and alphabet agencies to garner support for a political agenda, or used to keep Americans distracted so we don’t question why soldiers are spread around the world to guard corporate interests, or why the powerful continued to get away with treason and murder without being held accountable. Since the 60’s the government has experimented with mind control. Their experiments on kidnapped young men and women from the US and Canada designed to explore “mind splitting” were subjected to horrific sexual abuse, and then made part of the global sex trafficking ring. They also experimented on mental patients (Canada’s The Fifth Estate has addressed this in an episode) from both countries exploring mind control as well; all without the consent of subjects; all illegal. But the US government has always allowed experimentation on Americans without our knowledge or consent—whether that involved drugs tested on our military, the geoengineered chem trails dropping everything from metals to viruses; or playing with the weather to create disasters to profit the deep state.
    Since Operation Northwoods, which is never taught in schools, we’ve known that operators had been given the authority to murder Americans to push a political agenda. The Oklahoma City Bombing, 9/11-our collaborations with Saudi Arabia, Waco (where FLEER imaging clearly shows the FBI breaching the door; a man run over deliberately by a bull dozer; and the FBI firing on the house which caused approximately 30 women and children to be burned alive—-all denied by Janet Reno and John Kerry who committed perjury before Congress saying Branch Dividian’s started firing first —utter lies contradicting videotaped evidence. Same with the FBI murders at Ruby Ridge; the orchestrated deaths of Seal Team Six, and the countless targeted murders ordered by politicians and the deep state. While they have used “suicide” as a preferred method (even if it meant the target shot himself three times in the back of the head), they have most recently preferred to make it look like a random shooting (Mark Rich), an airline crash, or the current favorite—“crazed war veteran” or “unstable individual” killing family and self in the cases of Phillip Marshall and David Crowley.
    Besides relying on operators to do the murders, they have developed tools that can shut off pacemakers, remotely cause car crashes, and how to used microwave/5g technology to influence peoples thoughts more effectively. Even Snowden explained how the government has been capable of reading people’s thoughts for years extending their ability far beyond the mere brainwashing of men used as a patsy for assassinations.
    With the government’s unlimited access to our personal data, they have deliberately targeted young men who have been identified based on their mental health history and/or behaviors. Specifically, they target those who were used as Big Pharma’s guinea pigs for psychotropic drugs (administered by quacks diagnosing everything from ADHD, conduct disorder, or the plethora of “conditions” created that made them conspicuous compared to others–something society and government find intolerable).
    They send operatives with their little microwave toys to implant ideas, repetitious thoughts, paranoia, rage, or panic into their heads. Then, they only need to keep pushing until the subject acts on his thoughts and the government gets the results desired. This is the case with the violence we have seen happen in schools, malls, movie theaters, churches, nightclubs, concerts, and in communities. In many cases, FBI operatives are used to increase the damage.
    As a result, we have ignorant members of society leading marches and protests against the 2nd Amendment—though in the majority of cases, the guns were obtained illegally. It provides a distraction politicians need, but it also serves the purpose of measuring how much abuse Americans will take before they revolt; and if there are fewer legal guns available, that would give the corrupt government a decided advantage. As with any event/tragedy the public only needs to ask “Who profits?” to determine why it was set in motion.
    Meanwhile, while enough whistleblowers have exposed the methods, motivation, and use of such devices, which has also been documented by witnesses, scientific papers, even recorded at Congressional Hearings such as the Church Committee; the deep state isn’t challenged and continues to profit from the suffering of others. So, the government controlled killers imprisoned for such crimes (or hustled through the judicial process to execution like McVeigh) look like angel virgins in comparison to those who do far worse every day. Worse, we put them in office; we give them our money in taxes; and we (in the US) give them our sons on a draft register. The paper exposed in the 80’s called Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars was the blueprint for what we are seeing, and it is time citizens of all nations wake up.

  2. had to skip the beginning because that music is just awful. It squeeks and pierces my ears, why the hell was it even there and so laud?