The Golden Mountains of Suriname

In the South American, Suriname Mountains, the precious metal gold can be found everywhere, from political power to the jewellery being worn by the locals. The effects of the gold mining which is occurring here seeps into all aspects of society. For many Surinamese, the gold industry is a necessary source of income but it is destroying the environment and the health of those around it.

In this film VICE Netherlands travel to Suriname in order to see first hand how gold is intertwined with everyday life in the country. They travel around with an ex-rebel leader known as ‘Jungle’ Ronnie Brunswick. He is responsible for waging a vicious civil war but is now a successful businessman who owns many thousands of hectares of gold mining land.

We also get a glimpse into the dangers of mercury, which is widely used in the gold mining process without much safety precautions.

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