Goodbye Cassini Hello Saturn

A billion miles from home, running low on fuel and almost out of time, after 13 years orbiting Saturn the spacecraft Cassini is about to plunge to a fiery death, becoming part of the very planet it has been exploring all these years.

As this marvellous spacecraft embarks on its final assignment, a one-way trip straight into the heart of Saturn, the BBC series Horizon tracks it’s last journey and celebrates the accomplishments it achieved over the years. It can be said that Cassini has truly changed the way we view our solar system.

From its observations we have discovered strange new worlds, with incredibly large ice geysers, hidden underground oceans which may very well contain life and a brand new moon which was hiding out in Saturn’s beautiful rings.

As the world says farewell to the great explorer Cassini, we are taken ringside to witness its final moments.

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  1. Amazing documentary. Can completely understand how emotional the teams where in the Grand Finale.

  2. Great documentary. Love the doco’s that Horizon present very informative.

    • Agree – as a kid I always watched Horizon as it didn’t matter what it was about – they always made it interesting.