Gordon Ramsay on Cocaine

Cocaine is everywhere and celebrity chief Gordon Ramsey is no stranger to the illegal substance, he has had many encounters with it throughout his life and career, stating that he has been served it, had his hand shaken and left with little wraps of foil containing it, he has even been asked to dust soufflé’s with it and its use now seems to be more prevalent than ever before, especially in the United Kingdom where it is being described as Britain’s favourite Class A drug.

Britain consumes 30 tones of the drug each year, which is more than any other country in Europe, but behind cocaines glamourise image lies a criminality, cruelty and death toll of the illegal drugs trade with over 140,000 drug related offences being committed in 2017, costing Britain over 10 billion pounds.

In this two-part documentary series we see Ramsay join both police and military forces in the U.K. and abroad in order to get a better idea of the scale of the problem, it is a journey which takes him from testing the bathrooms in his restaurants for cocaine, to the British streets where it is being bought and sold every day and he goes to the source itself, deep in the jungles of South America.

We also learn of how Gordon’s own brother became addicted to the use of cocaine and how his head chief died form a cocaine related accident.



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  1. I understand the addiction potential of cocaine and the damage it causes to people’s lives, I really do. But this “war on drugs” is really creating more problems then it fixes. Their intentions are good, but when you confiscate tons of cocaine and take down dealers and gangs, all you are doing is making the substance even more valuable, which in turn creates more violence and crime surrounding it. Look, people are always going to want cocaine, and there will always be people there to meet that demand. The demand is not going down, but availability of the substance is, which makes the inevitable market far more dangerous than it already is. What we really need to be investing in is rehabilitation and drug education, social services, not funding a pointless “war” on something that can never truly be stopped.

    • We need to Legalize it for Medical Uses and for Recreational Uses, do you die for it?
      It’s like Adderall, if you start with 30mg and you finish with 90mg it’s all ok, based on my culture of drugs and medicine, if you finish with 200Mg it’s a bad thing, because of side effects, if you start with 30Mg-50Mg of Pure Cocaine and you finish with 100Mg of Pure Cocaine Orally or Nasal avaiable, it’s all ok, you’ve some problems related to the drug in the same way of the Adderall, all drugs/medicine make you in trouble, in the condition to have addiction or mental hillness if you’re Psycho or something, but, if the state, related to this, educate you to Drugs, Psychopaty etc, you take cautions, if the state seize you for shitty 3g of Coke and your personal use are not educate you but mading nervous and crazy for that making in you a sense of fault because do you alter your mind, the Human it’s adapted and born for taking Drugs, why Judge and try to Stop a thing that it’s absolutely Human and Natural? I don’t know, honestly, probably i’m stupid, or toxic man who use Amphetamine and think differently from anyothers who don’t use Drugs, but, that my idea man, hi.