Gravity and Me: The Force that Shapes our Lives

Would you like to loose a little bit of weight without doing any exercise or dieting? Or perhaps age just a little slower than your friends? Well you might be surprised to hear that the laws of physics can help. The key to unlocking these everyday questions is gravity, it sculpts the universe, it warps space and time, it is a fundamental force of nature. Gravities strange powers discovered by Albert Einstein also affects our daily lives in the most unexpected way.

In this film Physics professor Jim Al-Khalili will be using cutting edge scientific tachneques to investigate how gravity changes your weight, your height and even your posture and with the help of thousands of volunteers Al-Khalili will show us how gravity makes us all age at different rates.

As a physicist gravity is essential to Al-Khalili’s work and when exploring it he will be challenged on his understanding of this most mysterious force, tackling the very nature of reality itself.

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