The Great Hip-Hop Hoax

This is the story of a so called Californian hip-hop duo known as Silibil n’ Brains little did the the fans know that this group where actually from Scotland and were faking an american identity to get noticed.

At the beginning of the new millennium Silibil n’ Brains or Billy Boyd and Gavin Bain respectively, were making music together in Scotland but after being branded as “The Rapping Proclaimers” they lost heart and figured that Scottish Hip-Hop was just not being taken seriously and if they where ever going to make it they would need some sort of new identity. This is when Silibil n’ Brains were born, two real LA “homeboys”. In this film we will see the journey this lie took these two musicians on, the highs of their scan and then the subsequent lows that followed due to the stress of maintaining such a lie under the spotlight.

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  1. Biggest hoax is the video doesn’t play. Presumably the jeanie finlay has some ambitions

  2. This is a really good documentary – I would highly recommend to anyone

  3. Never been so proud to be Scottish. 😀

  4. I’d like to see YOU take an iq test and sit in a room for 24 hours and try to make some hiphop without elecricity

    • I can do my own audio engineering and I can play several instruments. I’m saying that hip hop (at least in the U.S.) is full of no talent hacks who are famous more for their over the top self absorbed personalities and their degenerate criminal lifestyles because most of their fans are as dumb as they are.

      Case and point. I basically just told you that Hip Hop sucks and that it’s completely reliant on electricity since it’s all engineered by audio geeks in the studio with little input at all from the supposed “artists”.
      I’m literally saying it requires electricity and the artists wouldn’t be able to entertain a special Ed kindergarten class without it!

      Your reply is that you’d like to see ME “try to make some hiphop without electricity!”
      Are you retarded or something?

      • dude shut the fuck up! you clearly no fuck all, no talents? lil wayne is the shittest artist on the planet and he still has more talent in his little finger than you do, hip hop can be every bit as inspirational as any genre out there, its just a genre that isnt afraid to push the limits and go places other genres are too pussy too, sick of crappy love songs? listen to hip hop, feeling angry? chill out and put some hip hop on and zone out, its just as good and the artists are just as talented as anybody from any genre so take that shit your on and go the fuck home with it cuz nobody wants to hear your irrivelent and stupid opinions!

        -fan of ALL music genres

  5. What this shows is that Hip Hop is absolute garbage for the most part. It’s mainly about the persona of the performers and the work of the audio engineers who make the music catchy. None of these people would be able to do anything without electricity and computers.

    There are some people with actual talent like Eminem, RUN DMC, Beasties, Kid Rock who actually create something that shows skill and character but for the most part it’s all BS set to electronic music. Flo Rida, Kanye, etc etc. They’re all hacks making money off of other peoples’ work and it mainly comes down to how boastful and flashy they can be. Most hip hop could just as easily have been made by swapping out the actual vocalist with nearly anyone with moderate singing talent.

    How someone like Kanye can walk around calling himself a genius with a straight face is beyond me. I’d like to see him take an iq test. Or lock him in a room with a guitar for 24 hours to write a song and then put it on youtube for a blind sampling of opinions. But I doubt he even knows how to play guitar or anything else for that matter.