The Great Human Odyssey

It shouldn’t have happened that Homo sapiens, our species, managed to survive and overcome the odd which have been against us for over 200,000 years. We are not indestructible and there are many evolutionary dead ends but our ancestors managed to not only survive, but also to spread into every corner of the globe.

It was only our ancestors who managed to spread and colonise some of the most difficult terrain known, even places forbidding to any other form of life, somehow they found a way. How was it we acquired the skills, technology and talent to thrive in every environment on earth?

In this film we follow anthropologist Dr. Niobe Thompson, as he travels the globe retracing our remarkable Human Odyssey, discovering how our prehistoric forebears were able to leave the cradle of Africa by crossing the Sahara on foot and later took on the other elements mother Earth threw our way.


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