The Great Math Mystery

We live in an age of astonishing advances, engineers can land a car sized rover on Mars, Physicists probe the essence of old matter, while we communicate wirelessly on a vast world wide network but underlying all these modern wonders is something deep and mysteriously powerful. It’s been called the language of the universe, and perhaps its civilisations greatest achievement, its name is mathematics, but where does it come from and why in science does it work so well? In this film, Nova explores the idea of maths and its potential for unlocking the secrets of the cosmos.

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  1. Send rockets to the moon, across the street.
    Replacing a heart that refuses to beat
    Numbers to count passed a hundred quadrillion
    Our days of fulfillment are one in million
    Thinking we’ve made it to the top of the hill
    There’s Sisyphus pushing his rock up there still
    Back bent like a pretzel his eyes filled with tears
    Pushing this damned thing for so many years
    Theory conjecture, speculation, and wonder
    His Rock tumbles downward crashing like thunder
    His confidence waning frustration profound
    No meaning no answers will ever be found
    A pitiful race peering out through the void
    Never knowing what lies there and really annoyed
    We’re trapped in a bubble, floating round in the dark
    With no understanding what caused the big spark
    So we scratch at the surface, never getting inside
    Longing for dreams washed away by the tide
    (C) Pete Mullen

  2. A great little documentary regarding the history, and wonders of mathematics. Whether you like the topic or not, it is a very enjoyable watch. Check it out!