Great White Shark: A Living Legend

Wildlife film. South African naturalist Mike Rutzen is crazy about great white sharks. He never saw Jaws, so he doesn’t share the terror that has made these sharks the world’s most feared predator.

For ten years Mike has been swimming with great whites, without the protection of a cage. He has spent so much time in their company that he has learnt to read their body language and to think like a shark. It is this knowledge that keeps him safe.

Mike’s quest to understand them better now takes him into the heart of a seal ambush site where he hopes to witness their hunting behaviour from underwater.

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  1. amazing documentry , and mark rutzen what a inspiration …a must watch ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. This is one of my absolute favorite documentaries ever!! It’s definitely a must watch! absolutely brilliant! <3

  3. Minimal use of music — no drooler here with his keyboard presets or bargain basement library music trying to substitute for content “like he’s seen on the telly”. Voiceover dry, economical and totally lucid. For this alone watch and bask in this video. The land dwelling protagonist all heart, and a complete inspiration. Watch this!