Grim Sweepers

Grim Sweepers follows Christian Cadieux and his company Crime and Trauma Scene Cleaners Inc. as they set out to clean and decontaminate  multiple death and decomposition scenes.
Described as CSI meets Trailer Park Boys, Grim Sweepers tackles cleaning challenges left over from murders, suicides, drug labs, animal infestations and disease. The crew faces messes, odours, stains, larva and bodily fluid, all
while balancing professional conflicts and personal relationships. Vendez votre voiture d’occasion avec ou sans CT, moteur HS, accidentée, rachat de voiture hs

It takes a special kind of personality to head up Canada’s most colorful, quirky and eccentric cleaning business.

With the stress of growing a revolutionary business and competition on the rise, there’s never a dull moment for Cadieux and the intriguing cast of employees he counts as friends.

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  1. I wish I had read the comments before wasting my time watching this! It is more like a reality show than a documentary and focuses on the workers and their personalities more than the business. Their bickering seems really unprofessional, if the boss had issues with Shannon’s work ethic he should have focused on that rather than comparing her to an STD!

  2. Not a great doco at all. The subject is fascinating, but unfortunately not well done. The crew all seem like egotistical pigs, especially the owner. They just made me annoyed to even listen to them!

  3. This is no documentary, this is a reality show. A badly scripted one at that. Don’t waste your time.

  4. When you click “lights out” it should not darken the actual movie playing.

  5. i was soooo disappointed  🙁

  6. I just wasted far too much time watching this…..they’re a joke and they have no business running a business like this, so disrespectful and trashy….I would be ashamed to be associated with them…..

  7. horrible doc, boring and weird canadian white trash…dont waste your time.

  8. It wasn’t that bad… I think the staff are all a bit goofy and the boss is a little conceded, but I found it educational and entertaining. Very few people have a chance to see how that sort of work is done and i have respect for the people who do it. I found it interesting and slightly entertaining. 

  9. stupid, stupid, stupid show!

  10. Thanks to the comments for saving me the trouble of watching this.

  11. don’t waste ur time!  Christian and his crew are disgusting pigs with the way they talk, with the way they act when dealing with someone’s beloved deceased and chauvinist pigs to the woman they “employ.” Or rather exploit. These woman need to get a clue, they’re just bimbos to these guys not else.

    • This industry doesn’t deal with the dead, just what is left over when the body has been removed. So there is nothing to respect, they never even see “Someone’s beloved deceased”.
      I also believe that Victoria can hold her own and stick up for herself ans she seems to be a tough enough gal!
      This was however a bit of a waste of time, as it really didn’t delve into the job as much as it did the workers!

  12. lol this sucks. All they do is clean up blood. It’s just rednecks with no decent stuff to talk about.

    • Although a couple of the staff may not be the shiniest spoon in the drawer, I think you might want to research the term “Redneck”, as it doesn’t apply here

  13. that was horrible. not worth watching unless you want to waste your time