Grizzly Man

Originally released in 2005 by German documentary filmmaker Werner Herzog, Grizzly Man is a film that chronicles the life and death of grizzly bear activist Timothy Treadwell. In 2003 Treadwell and his girlfriend Amie Huguenard, went camping in Katmai National Park, typically Treadwell would leave the park towards the end of the summer but this year he decided to stay into early October. It is during this time of year that bears become more aggressive as they begin searching for food to store up as much calories as possible in preparation for hibernation.

In the film Herzog speculates that it is this fact which ultimately cost Treadwell and his girlfriend their lives, stating that Treadwell claimed to have “gained the trust” of these bares and had an unrealistic sentimental view of nature when in reality nature can most certainly be cold and unforgiving.

From more than 100 hours of footage recorded by Treadwell, Herzog was able to detail the last five years of his life in the wilderness whilst revealing the true horror of how the animals in which he cared so much for ultimately turned against him.

Treadwell’s video camera captured an audio recording of the bear attack but Herzog refrained from using it in this film as he deemed it too disturbing.


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  1. A dark comedy. The guy is definitely a Darwin Award runner-up. Reminds me of that idiot who starved to death in that old school bus in Alaska. Don’t do drugs, people!

  2. The man was a selfish jackass, he had good intentions and I respect that but he clearly wasn’t thinking of the bears safety when he was out camping and getting right to their faces while trying to ‘bond’ with them.

    When an animal kills a person, that animal gets put down, this happens whether it’s a tiger mauling it’s handler, or a bear killing and eating some jackass pocahontas wannabe, if he truly loved the bears as much as he said he did he wouldn’t have put himself in a position where he risked getting mauled and/or killed by them, specially when he obviously knew what would happen to the animal that did it. This was pure stupidity on his part, he obviously didn’t deserve to die such a horrible death, but come on, when everyone from the police to first nation people are telling you to stay the fuck away from an animal you stay away the fuck away from them, or else you risk doing more harm than good, both to the animal and yourself.

  3. Obviously a gay man. It does not matter to us, but it did to him.

  4. …Meth! Show this video to any heavy Meth user who has experienced being off of Meth for 3+ days

  5. Fucking idiot

  6. WARNING: This is an extremely violent document. NOT FOR CHILDREN, not even for adults who will be disturbed by the horror of this man’s death.