Guilty by Association

Few would argue with the value of a law that has secured convictions in some of the most notorious murder cases of recent years, joint enterprise is a law which allows people who were simply associated with and present when a murder took place to be convicted and sentenced to life even if they themselves were unaware of the crime that was about to take place, making them responsible for the acts of others. Rising incidents of gun and knife crime have put pressure of successive governments to take though action on gangs.  Joint Enterprise, a 300 year old law has proved a highly effective weapon in this fight but there is a growing unease within the legal profession that its being too widely applied.

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  1. It’s quite simple. Don’t be a retard and this won’t happen to you. Be a retard, and you get what you deserve.

  2. Man im tired of these conspiracy doco’s, pounding the earths inhabitants with paranoid despair, its sickening. wheres the good stuff, wheres the real academic material, all this conspiracy shit for years on end is just soul draining. the US gets way too much attention, like a toddler screaming *look at me* FUCK OFF ALREADY. stupid extroverted nation !

  3. Did she say a majority voted to convict? No unanimous vote in England as in the US to convict?

    Also, a combination of mandatory sentencing (awful idea) and being with someone committing a crime getting the tag-along the same punishment is about as unfair a way to judge as I can think of.

    This is not justice by any stretch. It is thought crime. Then there is mind-reading, first by the “criminal” to know his buddies intent and then by the jury.

    I’m not thrilled with US courts, BTW. If I had more money, I might be. Being white helps though.

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