Guilty: The Conviction of Cardinal Pell

Austrailia’s highest ranking Catholic, the man who rose to be the Vaticans third most powerful cleric had been convicted of sexual crimes against two thirteen year old boys. It was a jury of twelve who had found Cardinal George Pell guilty of five shocking offences which all took place inside St. Patrick’s Cathedral when Pell was Archbishop of Melbourne.

A suppression order banning publication of those convictions was lifted after the crown decided to drop a second trial against the Cardinal on separate charges. Due to this position in the church it seemed that Pell felt untouchable, even his victims felt as though justice would not be served but now he is known as the highest ranked Catholic leader convicted of child sex offences and the credibility of the institutional church is at an all time low.

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  1. “The Catholic church is not above the law” lol the Catholic church had the money to buy the High Court in Australia and overturn the conviction of this paedophile.

  2. It’s an absolute disgrace that this Monster Pell had his conviction overturned.