Guns For Hire (Afghanistan)

Documentary about the secretive world of private military companies.

Included is a unique interview in Kabul’s Polecharki jail with the infamous American prisoner Jack Idema – an ex Marine Special Forces soldier who turned rouge.

Jack was hunting for Bin Laden in the hope of winning the 2 million dollars U.S. award offered for Bin Laden’s head by the Bush Administration.

Eventually, Afghan authorities arrested Idema on charges of kidnapping people and interrogating them in a private prison.

With their existing armies overstretched, Britain and America rely heavily on mercenary forces. In Guns For Hire: Afghanistan, former war reporter Sam Kiley investigates the shadowy world of the modern soldier of fortune.

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  1. The behavior of The United States of America is getting evermore disgusting, and these are not the good ole days of Freedom, Democracy, One Nation Under GOD, and The Constitution, but rather, the decaying and dying of the once proud United States Of America, and under the Flag of Political Correctness The White House continues to destroy us from within; dead is the Middle Class; dead is our Economy; dead is the American Dream, and “Alive and Thriving” is the largest White House Government with the most Multi-Millionaires ever seen in the recorded History of The United States Of America, and it does not take long to realize that The White House has invested the entire United States Of America into Warfare, and that is where ALL OF THE MONEY OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA HAS BEEN INVESTED INTO! You can count on there being more wars for The United States Of America because without them The United States Of America will go BANKRUPT!

    So what does this mean on the Chessboard? The United States of America needs to be victimized again in another attack to get the people to support another War in THE MIDDLE EAST in a Chess moved called “A Sacrifice!” EYE 5

  2. what a bunch of dick heads,who do they think they are ? Go home and leave the innocent people of Afganistan alone.

  3. stark reality, nothing new here except perhaps diffrent coat of paint so to speak, really wonder when afghan will get fed up and do there way …not pretty now and it won’t be pretty when they do decide to get rid of foreign nationals. That rambo dude is not in there for nothing, don’t kid yourself and count your lucky star that there are guys like these cowboys, you could say better them then your son who enlisted to serve a mad war who was created yet again under false pretence….

  4. Pity these individual didn’t have counselling for thier obvious personal issues (ego problems, small dicks etc) instean of killing innocents in countries where they have need to be … evene bigger pity that the US government not only allows this but encourages and pays for it.

    • I would like to point out your one dimensional point of view. I’m guessing you get most of your opinions from other people, most likely the media and speak them as your own, as you want to be diplomatic and problabley don’t have the congergation to form your . These guys are feeding the fires of instabily and destruction and I’m sure they will die of liver failure, but they are no different to you or me and to write them off with a whim is a mistake. They are motivated, usually by a self scareficing personal greed to establish themselves as individuals against a politcal dominance you asert is there, but isn’t. 

  5. Really?


    They sound like 5 y.o. boys. I had to stop from laughing after 2 minutes of the film.