Gunsmoke: USA

An ongoing source of controversy in America, gun laws are increasingly polarizing the Southern states and Washington. In Arizona, Tea Party supporting, heavily armed, vigilante groups are taking over.
“The one thing we know about gun control is that it has never provided security”, argues former Arizona sheriff and local hero, Richard Mack.

Despite the recent massacres, the majority still support free gun laws. Heavily armed citizens take Mexican border security into their own hands in this “state with a frontier mentality”.
With over 100 new civilian militia groups forming in the last 2 years, it is fertile ground for Tea Party supporters. There is no doubt as to who is the real enemy here: “The greatest threat to our God-given American liberty is our own federal government”.

With the cultural divide between North and South looking dangerously wide, Arizona is becoming more than a state: it’s a state of mind.

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  1. don’t know why Jamaica would send pot to Canada, we grow way better stuff here, Another thing I wonder about Jamaica is, where are all the tourist dollars going?, Obviously the funds are not being used to improve the lives of Jamaicans in general. They must bring in millions and millions of dollars and none of it is used to help the people or to create jobs. Where is all that money going? Care to guess?

  2. watch “The Business of War “SOFEX” your government wants to take your guns but they supply all kinds of weaponry to countries all over the world. Guns will never go away. Need to look at the root of the problem and who is behind it.

  3. america is so fucked up,there off there head,.guns and god,really.

  4. Guns have nothing to do with “freedom”. Freedom is living in a society without guns. I’m a U.S. citizen who has lived overseas for approximately 18 years now (15 years in Japan, 3 years Taiwan). The notion that there’s some sort of connection between owning a gun and freedom is a negative connection. One is LESS free if owning a gun, or living in a society which allows them, especially at the pathological level as do in the U.S. Here in Japan there are virtually no guns, nor does anyone feel their being deprived of some inane notion of “Liberty” or “freedom”. In fact, it’s precisely the opposite. You want to walk down to the convenience store at 3 a.m., the notion of potentially being shot by some drooling idiot who is angry because his reality TV show was canceled doesn’t exist. Freedom is NOT having to worry about such idiocy. So, while I’m for a complete ban on almost all guns, save, perhaps, a few hunting rifles for culling purposes, I’ll make a deal with those of you who like to fall back on the canard “Guns don’t kill people. People kill People.” We won’t ban all. None. After all, they’re “just a tool”. Instead, we’ll ban the people who want guns as they’re the where the danger resides. Okay? Just leave the gun sitting on the Bible next to the Pabst Blue Ribbon, and take away the person who owns it. Then I really do believe that the gun will cause no harm. Just the fact that someone desires to have a gun should already disqualify them from having one. The really do have a deep-seated, or perhaps not even too deep-seated, desire to shoot something. Therefore, they are a threat and should be locked up so that the rational, sane people need not worry about them. After all, guns don’t kill people. People who want guns kill people.

    Also, the fellow in the video who tried to the ‘car ran into people and killed them’ argument was equally as delusional. Cars weren’t designed for killing people. Guns were designed for nothing else. The comparison is idiotic, and he had the nerve to keep babbling about rational this and that. Cars do NOT go into schools and shoot 20 children. Knives do NOT go into school and kill 20 children. Guns do, and have repeatedly. Sorry, but guns are and should be viewed as a disease. One does not get rid of the disease by making more of it. One cuts it out at its roots. Were a toy to come out which was shown to kill children, even 4 or 5, it would be banned immediately. Guns kill 10-20,000 per year and yet the sale of them persists. It’s ignorance and nothing else.

    Also, the 2nd Amendment says nothing about people having any right to have a gun except for within a militia and at a time when there was little or no army. We have that now, so the people do not need guns any longer. And even if the Constitution DID say that it was okay to have guns, so the hell what? Change the damn Constitution. It’s outdated anyway. But then again many of these same folks feel the Bible is absolutely correct and infallible. They, too, have no business having a gun as this also shows magical thinking and a detachment from reality. That being said, were they really the “good Christians” they’re supposed to be, and live according to the Bible, they’d go out with their “God given guns” and shoot anyone they saw working on Sunday just like the Bible says to do (though not with a gun as they were still primitive and ignorant).

    • This was quite well spoken I myself would like to own a gun for target purposes but people would not die as much if guns were illegal because guns are a tool and if you know how to use any sort of tool well you could use it for murder if you wanted to use knives to kill 20 people you would have to train for a long time but guns seem quite simple to use and are light weight and a car could be used to kill that many people personally I think that cars should be banned until self driving cars become reliable but even in warfare I do not think that guns should be used or missiles or nukes but I am just a dipshit dumbfuck that does not know anything

  5. A gun is a tool… even if you remove them you will still have serial killers, mass murders, and violence. It is more about the people commiting the crimes then the tools they to commit them…. when a shooter goes on a rampage he takes a car to do so… do we blame that car for their actions? what about the sunglasses they may have been wearing that day? their clothes? the later might be stretching it I agree but as for the car… how many deaths are relates to car accidents every year but we never talk about banning them… same with alcohol and ciggarettes… I don’t believe everyone should own a gun but stop placing all them blame on a inanimate object that requires a human to turn it into somethign that kills. a loaded gun on the table could be left alone for ..well literally forever and with out someone picking it up placing their finger on the trigger and pulling… it will never harm a single person

    • You’re a tool.

    • Guns are designed with one thing in mind – how well can they kill. They have no other use whatsoever. If no one was interested in killing each other, the gun manufacturing industry would no exist. Guns are therefore an extension of people’s wish to kill each other. If their were no guns, there would be no bullets flying at people killing them.

      The weapon used in the recent school massacre by a twenty year old is capable of taking out a large group of people in a matter of seconds, he would not have been able to do that with a knife. If there were no guns, your homicide count would be less than 5 percent of what it is now.

      • I completely understand this point. However, this was said this about alcohol once before – “If there were no alcohol, the devils influence would be controlled!”. Hence the US went into a prohibition era which was a complete disaster for us. This same thing was said about drugs and now there are more drugs and violent crimes committed then ever before due to the “War On Drugs”. What you propose is a “War On Guns”. You would create a huge black market, you would create more cartels and then you would create more police groups and military organizations to deal with the problem.

      • Your right there would be no bullets… there would be rocks…or arrows..or bolt(what the “Arrow” from a crossbow is called) or their would be knives… there is alwasy goign to be something peopel use to kill one another regardless of the orignal intention… SO are we gogin to keep takign away the objects that someone uses to murder or break the law… someone uses a car to run down a group of peopel at a bus stop or makk we goign to ban them… When you say a gun is only to kill peope you have to remeber there are MILLIONS that use them to provide for there family because one round of ammo that cost maybe a dollar is capable of providing hundreds of pound of meat enough to feed a familyor more for the entire year that if they have to buy would cost them thousands of dollars… Not everyone has the luxery of going ot the grocery store and buyign there meat…. and remember that days prior to the CT shooting a man who was a CCW caryying his firearm was able to subdue and prevent a man in the mall with a gun from doing more damage while they waited for the police to show up….. laws don’t prevent criminals from owning guns mexico is proof of that so unless you takle away every single gun on earth there are still goign to be shooting bycrazy peopel and criminals..and again even if guns dont exist history shows us they can easily use somethign else to kill you with

      • So I guess all the shooting sports in the OLYMPICS doesn’t count. Currently there is only around 8 disciplines in the shooting competition there, however over the years there has been up to and i may be a little off but I beleive up to 30 varieties of different shooitng competitions and they haveonly been removed due to certain countries imposing restrictions on firerarms making it impossible for peopel to practice and compete… so don’t say a gun only has one purpose….
        I am then going guess you are oppesed to crossbows as well as traditional bows…. And I am also going to take a stab and say that you feel everyone should be forced to buy their food from large corporations that are more concerned with profits then health and all the hunters out there should suck it up and conform.
        But back to the point where you said the 20 yr old man not being able to kill so many people with a knife… I have no words for that… a knife is so easily concealed to the point that he could easily have walked up to someone slit their throat or other major damage and killed them with out making a sound or alerting anyone in the surronding classrooms.. hence why the knife is still reviered in the military as to go to silent killer especially for black ops groups. The other interesting coment was that ifthere were no guns homicide rates would be less then 5%… You do realize that we actually live in one of the more peacfull and less brutal eras in our history… Look back hundred of years prior to the gun when knives and swords we most common and bows were around bu rare and crossbows even more so due to the cost and time to manufacturer… you mean to tell me that back then there was less violence and murder?? you would be so wrong and thats during a time when NO guns exsisted period. That shows that murder is more about our barbaric human nature the an inaniment object that require a person to manipulate before it can kill a person or an animal(becasue believe it or not a lot of peopel still hunt for there food). Oh and I am not a gun toting american I actually live in Canada where acess to ARs is restricted the same as a hand and I do not own an AR if you were wondering too so I am not tryign save my beloved AR just pointing out the flaw in your arguement… and yes it is my opinion just like the one you have however much a disagree but… you are not being entirely truthful will your reasoning and thats where I find my problem just like most of the other people out there… You can say that the car is not a fair comparision and that is true to a point but for hundreds of yrs were survived with out them and all they do is make travel faster.. look it how many deaths per yr are vechile related yet we never talk about getting rid of them.. why? becasue the make life convient for us.. but here is maybe a better comparision what about alcohol and cigarretes, they do nothign productive or add to society and kill more people a year then anything else yet they are still legal..

        • Americans (pro-gun ones) act so disheveled when they have a shooting and continue with this ‘it’s the shooter, not the gun’ notion that is just ridiculous. It IS the shooter that’s the problem, yes, but without their ‘tools’ they won’t do any shooting. Since those ‘tools’ as you call them, only serve one purpose, they are therefore ‘killing tools’. A car can be used to kill, sure, but it’s primary purpose is a tool for transportation. If guns were gone, it wouldn’t reduce the number of people who ‘want to shoot other people’, but it would greatly reduce their means to do so.

          It’s easier to take away the gun than convince the person not to shoot.

          And even if cars cause more deaths than guns, it still comes down to intent and purpose. A car is not intended to kill – it is intended to transport you. That’s why they’re still around.

          What is the purpose of the gun? What is the intent of someone on the street carrying a gun? You tell me.

          Regardless, America is so ridden with guns even if they passed a new law tomorrow, they would never get them all off the street. So, not sure what can even be done.

  6. Leave our guns alone