H.H. Holmes: Murder Hotel

Back in 1995 an old antique collector happened to stumble upon a batch of old wax cylinder recordings that dated back a hundred years, as it turned out these recordings weren’t of old tunes but rather one recording was the confession of a man known as H.H. Holmes made by a doctor days before Holmes was hanged for murder.

This recording turned out to be a new clue into one of the most extraordinary yet interesting set of homicides in criminal history. In the late 1800’s Holmes decided to turn his hotel into a sort of production line of murder, where he killed his patrons right up until two sisters discovered a family secret. It is said that Holmes managed to kill up to 200 people here.

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  1. Ok, but certainly not the best documentary on H. H. Holmes I’ve seen. The random unrelated images and barbershop quartet music struck me as both unnecessary and irreverent for such a grave (no pun intended) topic. For more information on H. H. Holmes, I recommend Erik Larson’s book “Devil in the White City”.

  2. “Devil in the White City” by Eric Larsen. Soon to be a major motion picture starring Leonardo (you know who).

  3. Well I sure hope they donated his body to science.