Half Ton World

2013 was the year obesity became a worldwide emergency and there are now currently over 300 million people around the world who are now considered to be clinically obese, some of them are truly supersized weighing in at up to half a ton. This film travels the world in order to meet up with such individuals in order to discover what life is really like when you are over six times heaver than the average person. At this scale of obesity people are fighting for their lively hood, freedom and even life.


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  1. How DARE that fat f**k refer to food as a “drug”. I’ve lost a loved one to heroin abuse, and watching this tub of sh*t play the victim absolutely enrages me. Learn some self-control, you waste of human life…

    • So couldn’t you say to the heroin abuser ‘learn some self control’?

      • You should probably know that being addicted to heroin (chemical dependency) is MONUMENTALLY different to being “addicted” to pizza and cake (psychological dependency). I’m thrilled that you received your credentials from ‘The University of Life’, but quitting a diet of chips and pies versus quitting a highly addictive opiate isn’t even in the same ball park.

        • Technically, No matter whether it is food or drugs, the addiction is caused by the sensory parts of the brain which act as the ‘reward system’ area lighting up. This causes a chemical brain reaction which correlates with addiction. The body intakes drugs, alcohol, food (specifically sugar) and the brain activity happens in this area. This then causes the body to want to re-enact the intake process in order to receive the same effect. (Like giving a treat to a dog every time he “sits” will encourage him to sit on command in order to receive the reward). It is the release of dopamine in the The basal ganglia circuit which causes this response. If one looks at the brain and assesses the reaction with the intake of food and drugs, there is incredibly similar correlation between the two – especially concerning cocaine ( or stimulant drugs) and sugar. Unfortunately Sugars are in most processed foods and are even in most ‘healthy’ carbohydrates. This makes most foods addictive. Obesity is a big problem! People can DECIDE for themselves to start taking drugs to get highs. However ALL people must eat and unfortunately there is not enough education about cooking appropriate meals with suitable vegetables and proteins and so it is far more likely that people will be addicted to food (especially if there is a high sugar content – processed food and fast foods.) Drugs have awful consequences. But food, food is the worlds downfall.

        • No matter how different the dependency is Captain Jake doesn’t get to be the addiction police here (same goes for you). As much as this guy’s obesity enrages him, that is the same rage people related to substance abusers/addicts might experience. So whether the dependency is chemical or psychological there is a physical effect in both cases. Point being you guys don’t get to decide if he should consider himself an addict or not. Cheers.