Hard Time: Worst of the Worst

Welcome to the worst of the worst. Do a crime and get caught: you go to jail. Behave poorly in jail and you go to solitary confinement. But what if you don’t clean up your act? There’s another step – seldom heard about. Welcome to the prison within a prison. Break the law in Ohio and you go to prison. Break the rules on the inside, and you’re going to the jail within the prison system. When you come here you have already gotten in jail. For 1 year National Geographic followed the lives of inmates and officers in the State of Ohio. This is a year of hard time. Some of the images are very graphic. Watch your back and make friends. Learn the ropes. Learn where to go and where not to go. Learn who is weak and who is strong. Survive.

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  1. Bulldog is just using intimidation, he is probably weak ass inmate.

  2. In Ohio, we need a one strike law. If a felony brought a zip tie around the neck, we’d have far less crime.

  3. Giving prisoners the chance to learn job skills that can help support them when they are released should definitely be a priority. Unfortunately you have people in this world who DO NOT WANT to work for a living and PREFER crime. I have known many criminals. Some are basically good and decent people who made mistakes and can most definitely and do contribute to society. More than not are violent predators, sex deviates or thieves who enjoy taking from and hurting or killing others.They serve their time putting a priority on “how can I do it without getting caught again ” mentality. Some prisons actually made obtaining a GED a requirement for release because of the lack of interest. Many prisons offer FREE ( classic whiny excuse is” I dont have the money” so they are forced to admit they flat out just do not give a sh*t) college classes and out of 900 inmates maybe 10-15 posses the common sense to take full advantage. The others have more important things to do. You cannot help a person who doesnt believe they need help and are perfectly content with who and what they are. Anyone who doubts this, all I can say is “they” can show you a lot better than I can try to warn you.

  4. This is exploitative, basic abuse of human rights. Don’t allow vengeance to be your only driving force, and no, I am not a bleeding heart liberal and I agree 20 years should mean 20 years, but it is pointless to lock people up teaching them no skills and then turning them out onto the world. Violence begets violence. If people don’t have choices then we become reduced to the lowest common denominator. I live in Australia and we have a very slack penal system which really could learn a few pointers from the States, but I hope to god we never go that far down the road.

  5. Really interesting and fun to watch.

  6. Compared to Russia, prisoners in maximum security in the USA have a relative paradise.

  7. Totally agree Daftaida.. Until people realise that the Rothchild family and the rest of the Jewish banking ‘elite’ play the world’s population like pawns, they’re not going to understand anything. The young men are in prison, the little girls are whores, the family is shot to shit and God is in the T.V. God bless America.

  8. fuck them all

  9. “Bulldog” and “Cheese” are smokin’ hot!

  10. oh pleaase….they are criminal, most should have no rights. The man who took the life of my 7 year old cousin should be able to have rights? she had no rights when his drunk ass drove head firsts on to their moms car…severely injuring her twin sister and her mother, who were both life flighted…and spent weeks in the hospital and months in rehab trying to walk again. they can rot in a single cell 23 hours a day…..while my cousin rots in a coffin forever……i have no sympathy for them. dont do the crime if you dont want the time

  11. @ john

    I don’t see anything in your comment about the documentary either. Pot, meet kettle.

  12. this one skips like a mofo

  13. Yes yes, people, but was it a good documentary? Nobody cares about your opinion on the prison system or if the documentary subjects deserve their fate. Several comments, and nothing about the style/substance of the doc. You are doing it wrong.

  14. @DaftAlda
    I must say I am disappointed with your racist comments. I have noticed you as a regular presence on another documentary site & occasionally you have made some valid comments. Are you exercising your alter ego on this site? For shame… it must be difficult being you. You know, the disappointing child & all.

  15. slave labour of course, being part of the ‘rehabilative’ process. Since Skinner, the stress and trauma environments for the population are deliberately created to ensure implosion vs explosion of repressed creative energy. in an asylum run by lunatics, what else can be expected other than an insane population of inmates?

    • Hey, Bulldog many states have free education classes. Not sure what your state offers but it might be worth a try to look into it. Making the best best out of any situation is a great mind set to have. With that I have no doubt you will find a way to live life without breaking laws to survive.
      I wish you all the best of luck. All people make mistakes in life. It doesn’t mean people can’t change or learn from their mistakes. People talking shit don’t matter. If the shoe was on the other foot they wouldn’t be shooting their mouths off. As I am sure you know.

  16. Bulldog’s right. Why do we allow ourselves to be pushed and shoved around like cattle? Tasered, pepper sprayed, dictated to, punished for what? The crime of being ourselves, not jews, not elites. Too right, if someone hits you, you hit them right back. Imagine not defending your manhood from these a-holes? Suffer the children and the youngsters thrown into these cesspits of corruption.

    • The fact of it is this I’m bulldog and that prison shit is not for the faint of heart I went in a 25 and came out at 40 no training no type of job skills I’m a savage by design and now I’m trying to figure out how to live a ” regular life” it’s hard I have no family to rely on no money no skills yet I’m expected to be the best I can be so I’m struggling but not gonna give up I am relentless a Caucasian king and will make the best out of every situation!!! William sams aka Billy sam’s Aka “BULLDOG”

      • You still out?

      • Hey bro you still out?

      • Biggest cornball ever on any of these documentaries.
        Corndog ass.
        No one liked you on these documentaries and you act like people don’t remember you being a check-in artist and only talk tough infront of the camera and the fct everyone called you corndog LMAO
        Sit your corndog ass down. Stop telling people you were on this season so we can forget your ass just like we did in the joint. T-Rex arms. Corndog King lmao. You right about that.

  17. the biggest crime these ‘losers’ have committed is that of not having been born into the criminal cabal profiting from warfare and misery; it’s all one gangland folks and the biggest most powerful of all are the Jewish Mafia Banking Cartels.

  18. Naturally, the unprecedented inmate violence has nothing to do with the methods of incarceration – not at all. In fact, ‘we need’ to build more of these torture camps, with even higher security specifications! If this footage were to be shown after the last dust particles over the empire have fallen, it could be presented as the reason why America was ‘liberated’ by (whoever’s in power) as an example of US concentration camps.

    • @DafAida
      But it isn.t those days. If you made a mistake and went to jail, you would not be talking like that. You need compassion and to understand how tough is without correct upbringing.

  19. Bulldog refused to ‘obey commands’ to the satisfaction of the psycho officer whose sole purpose in life is as it has always been to harrass, intimidate, intelligence gather, assault, lock up and feed the merry go round of unlawful criminal legislature and ‘policy’ passing for ‘law and order’. If Bulldog had refused to give the nice officer a blow job, ‘right, nicked for assault’! They are butch homosexual rapists and psychopaths these wardens and their long serving buddies.

  20. State of The Art Gulags, Concentration Camps, boot camps for a life of killing. They will release them, bang on time as they always do to wreak havoc on the already bewildered and traumatised population.

    Good news is, they’ve already built the facilities for their own containment should the time come when people wake up to what is going on here. We live in an open prison: urban cities containing smaller units of detention centres, military bases and psychiatric hospitals. Criminals run and profit from the system they have created and the low IQ psychopaths are happy inside, running their game in collusion with the wardens.

  21. Can anyone get their heads around why anyone would voluntarily whore their principles by becoming a prison guard? Only if a) they got not principles ‘cept lust, hate and greed and b) they enjoy torturing helpless inmates.

  22. and when your ass is on the same side of the bars as these ‘idiots’ you’ll learn the truth about the situation.

  23. Just got released from a maximum security prison, sorry but that place ain’t for me. These scum are animals and were born to live behind bars.

  24. They should lock these guys up 24-7 and any mail can come in but very strict restrictions on outgoing mail. These guys have made their choice, done and done. Screw the idiots.