Harlem USA

Harlem USA filmed is said to be a documentary for the people by the people of Harlem but having had a little help for Canadian director Eric Schachter. Eric began frequenting Harlem many years ago, embracing its culture but he quickly became aware of a real problem, one that is shared all over the world by so many different communities and that is the blight of gentrification and dispossession.

This film however is a great tribute to a remarkable people, shedding light on the true wonder of Harlem and allowing insight into the vibrant culture seen here.

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  1. This British guy walks around Harlem tagging up the city with shitty bumper stickers. The first slew of his bumper stickers are blatantly racist, “Whites out Harlem” … What kind of message does this send?

    • The reason why he made that statement because white people are moving into Harlem and driving the black people out of their communities so they can build better housing for themselves that is the reason why it says white out of Harlem they should get out of Harlem in other words white should get out of Harlem

  2. To Tom:

    Guessing you havnt seen how whites are using “those people” in a derogatory fashion when speaking of the Mexican Immigrants in the documentary about Arizona….fact is, foreign invasion is foriegn invasion….be it whites to black communities, blacks to white communities, mexicans to america….Americans to some parts of Canada… fact is, human beings are territorial and find it hard to accept others that are not “the same” as family immediately….. stop focusing on the semantics and study the issue of gentrification, then you would overstand….your emotions and nerves are struck from the wrong tonal pluck, this documentary is not about racism or using the word “they” to describe a person of different origin, its about facts and GENTRIFICATION……

  3. You say that but I bet that you come from no struggle. It is a documentary about the past and how it was changed by authority. You say they use “they” In a derogatory fassion, but in all honesty it’s a polite way of not saying white people. I bet you didn’t finish this documentary. Everyone has their own own opinion. In actuality you are the very thing that you claim black folks to be… you should be ashamed of yourself. Your family wasn’t ostrasized like the entirety of the black population in the united states.
    , love the minority

  4. Why is it that black people can say ‘whit people do this’ and ‘white people do that’ and it’s fine to be televised, yet if this documentary was all with white people saying ‘black people do this’ and black people do this’ it would be banned immediately.

    They use the word ‘they’ in such a derogatory way, very disappointing, there are some black people who are truly non-racist people, but deep down they are no better than the white man and this documentary just exemplifies this fact perfectly.