The Hasidic Drug Dealer

Samuel Leibowitz is a member of an ultraorthodox Jewish sect and has been in prison for the last 9 years for drug trafficking. Released from prison he plans to return to his community in North London to try and live once again the life of an observant Hasidic Jew.

Samuel comes from Stamford Hill a closed community in the United Kingdom that is hostile to the media and has almost never been filmed. It is a community of about 20 thousand extremely devout Jews who live according to the rules and customs of Judaism that date back to Jewish life in Eastern Europe several centuries ago.

Samuel is 38 years old and has spent half his adult life in prison in 3 different countries both his arranged marriages ended in divorce and he has no contact with his two children. Released from prison on the condition he remains electronically tagged and observes a curfew at night for the next five months. He now has to choose between his life of crime or religious conformity.

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  1. Would love to read more of this article.

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  3. This man is a complete psychopath and the last bit shows it. All the help he got from his community from paying his legal fees, accommodation, to finding him employment, and he claims nobody helped him.