Why I Hate The Sixties

This BBC film examines the myth behind the sixties, which was itself created before the decade was even out but has since lingered in all of our minds. What we have lived with however is merely a mirage and this documentary sets about exposing the truth, suggesting that we are living on borrowed time as a result of those who indulged whilst an unchecked Britain experienced an industrial decline. Looking back on old archived footage and the political atmosphere of the time a case is built against the decade we all consider to be filled with dreams.

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  1. U.K. is Hooped and a Ferris Wheel in London says it All! Now they Borrow More Money under Austerity Than in the 12 Years of Labour. It is a Nation coming 23 out of 24 in Numeracy and Literacy and Seemingly Irrevocable Desire too Appear Imperial Olympics, Millenium Dome etc….

  2. I stopped watching when the middle-aged lady went on to compare abortion to the Holocaust. Utter garbage. Bitch drank that kool-aid and the bowl it came in.

  3. Was that really how the 60s went?