Hawkwind: Do Not Panic

The inside story of Hawkwind, one of Britain’s wildest acid rock bands. Emerging from the Ladbroke Grove underground at the end of the 60s, the band trailed radicalism and counter-culture in their wake, and have been a direct influence on punk, metal, dance and rave. Includes interviews with some of the band’s enduring legends, including bassist Lemmy, writer Michael Moorcock, founder members Terry Ollis, Nik Turner and Mick Slattery, and former managers Doug Smith and Jeff Dexter.

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  1. i remember meeting Ron Tree at a festival in Devon around 2016, and what a prick. So full of himself.
    None of my friends at all liked hi. We just walked away whenever he appeared. Too big headed.

  2. What is it with Dave’s aversion to Nik?

  3. Great doco ! watched it on youtube

  4. Blocked in Canada, that SUCKS!!  EMI can go suck a fart!

  5. Still together after all these years.

  6.  Blocked in Canada 🙁