Healing Cancer with Cannabis

This is the first part of a three part mini series about Rick Simpson created by filmmaker Chris Harrigan. Rick is a man from Maccan N.S that claims he has cured over 5000 people of different illness’ including cancer using the concentrated extract from the cannabis plant.

If you would like to support this filmmaker in completing this film and getting it into theatres, you can visit his indiegogo campaign here:


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  1. The black substance you are seeing is carbon. Carbon is black. What are the basic building blocks of life? carbon , hydrogen, and oxygen. carbon fiber?.. black. This is one of the main building blocks of all life on earth and not 1 living thing can live without it. The residue you obtain after smoking from a bowl so long Is pretty much the same substance. knowing science and living by the truth makes things easy to understand. This guy has lived the majority of his life and I see no need for him to front about any of his information and or experiences. Jesus, by the name you represent tells me that you are of insignificance. You seem to be in denial and or defending the prosecutors of this video. You make little sense and not even a child should take you serious. I only speak facts, but don’t believe me I want you to research everything I say. By this guy taking in concentrated forms of minerals it allows for the body to repair itself in various ways, fortunately it’s curing cancer. congrats Rick

  2. Cannabis is one of the most useful plants on this planet and has medicinally been used for at least 6000 years. It’s a shame that all the hysteria over this plant that’s been propagated in the media for the last 80 years has made the idea that it can potentially cure cancer seem like a complete absurdity. The bigger absurdity is the known cancer-causing chemicals being used to treat cancer still.

  3. Sincere apologies! This is of course nonsense of the blind sort. भांगcannabis is for the purpose and use for making the brain and body relaxing, isn’t it? Not doctor medicines!

  4. Cannabis is practically legal in my country. Hence a lot of people have been able to experiment with cannabis as processed by Rick Simpson. The results are breathtaking.The number of people whose illness and subsequent healing has been and is being documented is growing.

    • “being documented” what? like where? by who? Unless you have peer reviewed scientific journal references then you have zero proof and as much credibility as the chocolate tea pot monster.

      I love a smoke but I’m bitterly disappointed that crack pots, such as the one featured in this video, can make such outrageous claims about something so serious.

      ‘Documentaries’ like these do not help the debate oaver legalisation at all.

      As for big pharma and the mafia, or secret Illuminati, or even lizard people (gotta love a bit of Ike!), that supposedly keep the majority suppressed for their own evil greed (I’m guessing so that they have more time to count their gold coins in the dark castles they live in?). Come on.

      Wake up people. Yes, it is indeed about money but it is also about winning votes. Anyone with elementary maths can see how swapping drug enforcement funding for income tax bucks makes so much sense it brings a tear to the eye. However, the politicians can only approve legalisation if they are guaranteed not to make a hash of the next election result, which is unlikely given public opinion.

      Give me a society governed by science any day, where crack pots like Simpson are largely ridiculed (not much change there then), but also where drug policy is determined by fact and not so much feeling (e.g. look up the studies of Prof. David Nutt).

      • it HAS been documentated- see the testimonials online on you tube for all to see- do some research before YOU claim he has zero proof, Cannabis oil cures cancer -PERIOD. JUst because the authorities can’t be bothered to do something about it , Rick Simpson has been trying to get the establishment to take note and has asked people to make there own, giving everyone the receipe – he says do it yourself -theres no money gain geddit? . Wake up YOURSELF “Big Pharma” as you call it EXISTS and they make BIG MONEY from perpetuating illness

      • “As for big pharma and the mafia, or secret Illuminati, or even lizard people”. You should really do something about that ego, condescending asshole.

        You ask for a society where science and logic are law, where in the same sentence you use words like ‘crackpot’ and sincerely wish for people to be ridiculed. You should be ashamed of yourself.

        If you actually were as smart as you act out to be, you would know the pursuit of knowledge is unconditional. No matter how ridiculous something sounds, you are obliged to seek out the truth. People like you are a danger to science.

        “Such a shame” indeed.

    • Duurt ook niet lang meer hoor. Alle onze ‘feelgood’ wetten, waar onze voorouders voor hebben gestreden, zijn langzamerhand weer aan het verdwijnen.

  5. Cannabis will never be legal. Too many jobs are dependent on the crime that comes with the illegalization, the Pharma industry will lose billions, and the variety of products which can be produced from hemp will cause a lot of other businesses to go bankrupt. These (and many other) are all factors that need to be taken into consideration. It isn’t as simple as ‘just legalize it’.
    I would love to see it being legalized (or at least recognized for its potential). But sadly, we live in a world where the Economy has greater value than self respect, morals and common decency. As I see it, our entire way of life would have to change, for something as simple as the acceptance of cannabis.
    As long as there are people who want to be rich, be ready to go to jail.

    • Come to Seattle Washington……LEGAL and practically decriminalized on the Federal level as well (for atleast WA and Colorado)…..never say never pal….

    • “Pharma industry will lose billions”

      honestly, where are you pulling this crap from? do you just wake up and decide that something you say that sounds kind of cool and edgy suddenly is undeniable fact?

      you should look into the social and economic impact of drugs upon society before deciding who will gain and lose if cannabis was legalised.

      Stay off the glue, dude.

      • Yes yes, I am high on glue. Or it may be that I am desperate for attention from faceless internet baboons. Or maybe my arguments are based on actual research and personal experience.

      • This guy…. fresh off a jack-off session trolling over others comments as if He was molested by Rick Simpson…. Dick in your mouth and your broadcasting it loudly….

        • That ones for you :Such a shame”…..that uninspired, non-risk taking, faithfless and doubtful, “Such a Shame” of a human being….

  6. @pentup54

    Well there’s plenty of cell destroying chemo and radiation awaiting you if you’re ever diagnosed……. Feel free to place your life in the hands of chemical treatments as long as you’re willing to die in the hands of big pharma…….

    • holy mother of non-god. have you the faintest clue about the various forms of cancer, what causes them and why they are so difficult to treat? like really, any clue whatsoever? have you enough information at your disposal to conclude that radio and chemotherapy are somehow part of a conspiracy?

      With cutting insight like yours I can only assume you are a cancer specialist at the forefront of research (although you don’t mention in which area you specialise). Or at which medical school you attended.

      or did you just watch a program where David Ike says he is a lizard-hating deity?

      • ITS “SUCH A SHAME” that my shitty asshole speaks a fart that talks more sense than you. Try loosing 3 family members to chemo sickness and having skin cancer treated with Cannabis Oil vanish in thin air you prick…. that’s my experience; fuck yours if you don’t or cannot believe…nobody who is a fan of Cannabis or any form of Naturopathy is even concerned about your little pea brained sheople 2 cents half pence mindset. I only respond to highlight your bullshit, not entertain your lack of existence.

      • Everyone reading your comment will consider you as your name suggest…. “Such a Shame:….Greetings. I’m Ego Killer…

      • DO YOU EVEN KNOW….HAVE YOU EVER BEEN DIAGNOSED….HAVE YOU EVER EVEN TAKEN CANNABIS OIL FOR TREATMENT? FUCK OUTTA HERE YOU SNAKE….I speak based on my own experiences…. Only if you’d do the same and stop acting like you know everything other than what is evident…. and feel free to keep praying to your Non-God…I hope you meet him one day.

        • Wow. This guy rips you a new asshole so you wish him death?

          Way to go. Retard.

          • If I’m a retard and you hang on the cross and died for me; what does that make you…. Stop misrepresenting righteousness you lover of beastiality you….. blasphemizing Yeshua by calling yourself Jesus and leaving comments on documentary heaven? I guess these days you are not out healing the sick and raising the dead so this is your new ministry yes? Now theres a third asshole for you since your mouth is your second…..Satan calling himself Jesus…. some things never change.

  7. Anecdotal nonsense – a sample size of one.