Helen: The Woman with 7 Personalities

Helen has Dissociative Identity Disorder, a rare condition more commonly known as Multiple Personality Disorder. This causes her to have seven alter egos or alter personalities’

  • Alex, A five year old boy who loves shooting toy guns.
  • William, A six year old boy who loves the Mr. Men.
  • Adam, A lovable ten year old boy who is not allowed to play outside.
  • Brenda, An outspoken, feisty 13 year old girl
  • Karl, A sixteen year old boy with an attitude and a temper.
  • Jamie
  • Elizabeth

Helen will switch from her self personality to one of the alter personalities at a moment’s notice and have no recollection of the time spent in the other personality. Under the personalities of Karl and Brenda, Helen would drink and take dugs. She became an alcoholic and overdosed over 100 times. She has since recovered from the alcoholism and the overdoses, were clearly not fatal.

Ruth was determined to discover what may have caused these personalities to form and was horrified when Helen confided in her that she had been extensively abused as a child and had created the first personalities to distance herself from the horrors. Karl and Brenda provide escape  by causing physical pain by means of self-harm to block the emotional trauma, while the younger personalities allow escape to vario ages of her childhood.

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  1. There is a book by this same lady is called Today I’m Alice by an “Alice Jamieson” (a fake pen name). Don’t read it. It has graphic descriptions of sexual abuse on a child that leaves NO room for imagination. Why this disgusting and copious amount of borderline pornographic imagery (perfect for paedophiles considering the context) was made for public consumption is beyond me. Such things should be kept between her and her professional. It’s one thing to tell a legitimate story about being a survivor and another to scar people for fucking life with shit in unnecessarily extreme detail that nobody needed to read about and not be able to unsee. I’ve had nightmares that came days to weeks after reading it, which begs the question over whether it unearthed repressed memories or burned false ones into my brain.

    The fact that she had to write out every painfully obvious microscopic detail of trauma in that book so people wouldn’t doubt her DID AND forcefully change her voice to sound like a child in this documentary to hammer the point home that she switched into a child alter murdered all belief I had left in her. Dr. Remy Aquarone is included somewhere at the end of this book, I believe. Search him up and include the word “DissociaDID drama” in the search. You’ll be surprised what comes up regarding a person who sensationalizes the disorder and happens to be associated with the same psychotherapist. That is all I will say.

  2. This illness is quite fuzzy. We don’t have any proven information that this illness is in fact true in the form we see it here with Helen. This was filmed in the early 2000’s so we didn’t realize then that these personalities were often faked, we really didn’t know enough to say up or down. The abuse Helen claims she was subject to was in the form of a Satanic Cult. The thing with satanic cults is that there have been exactly 0 proven cases as far as child abuse. Satanic panic was factually 100% rumor. In many cases of DID we often find out later in life that the personalities were faked. Using a baby voice for each personality also leads us to believe that Helen was faking the personalities. She does not use the baby voice to convince others that its real but instead she used the baby voice to convince herself that its real. So there are many factors that play into this. Many believe her abuse and personalities were indeed faked. One thing we know for certain here is that Helen was indeed mentally ill and required proper psychotherapy which she clearly wasn’t getting. Often times there are mental health organizations that will feed into these things to continue getting funding. It has been a major issue in the psychology world for as long as there has been such a subject.

  3. Absolute nonsense….attention seeking fake…

  4. I believe this is evils things so I really recommend her to go to the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. She can get help.
    God be with you.

  5. You all do not know anything about this subject judge not less you be judged God bless her!

  6. I’m about an hour into this documentary, and I’m having a hard time buyng it.
    She seems to be faking it. And, so far, (I will be turning it off soon), not a single detail about ‘horrible abuse as a child’. Nada. Zip. None.
    Waste of time…

  7. I’m about an hour into this documentary, and I’m having a hard time buyng it.
    She seems to be faking it. And, so far, (I will be turning it off soon), not a single detail about ‘horrible abuse as a child’. Nada. Zip. None.
    Waste of time…

  8. A complete waste of time. I am not convinced in either school of thought, as to whether or not DID exists or doesn’t exist…but this Doc screams fake….and looking into her past through a Teacher was just one cheesy bit.

  9. I was disappointed in the documentary, mostly because I was expecting the friend doing the filming to actually bother going and finding the family and asking them about Helen’s past. I find it incredibly dangerous to just assume that Helen was massively abused because she said she was and because people with DID have in the past been shown to have abused.
    Helen must surely have some kind of mental illness, but I can’t say I was convinced since, as other commenters have pointed out, one of the initial things they mention is that she doesn’t know which personality has done which things, yet she’s able to tell you which personality did something in the house. Also, we first hear that she didn’t know about the other personalities and that she can’t communicate with her, yet she refers to them as voices in her head that talk to her.
    There were clearly inconsistencies with the story and, rather than simply follow up with the parents to find out a bit more about her past (did she have a normal upbringing? did she have a history of making things up?), we’re presented it from the point of view of how sad the whole thing is.
    Also, we’re expected to believe one of her personalities is a 5 year old boy, yet the 5 year old writes in the diary and can easily read other entries in the diary, because we all know that 5 year olds can easily read.
    Now, I know one person who took a blow to the head when she was about 10 years old (an accident in a playground, nothing sinister), who sometimes has epileptic fits that results in her turning back into that 10 year old girl. She doesn’t return back to her adult self until she has a sleep, but usually she has a massive headache after she wakes up.
    She doesn’t randomly switch between them and the appearance of the 10 year old usually results in her being very ill for hours, sometimes days, afterwards.
    In Helen’s case, if there were a satanic cult operating in the area, or if one of Helen’s family had abused her, then wouldn’t any normal human being firstly want to bring them to justice, but, more importantly, want to stop them potentially abusing other children? Last time I checked, people who molest children don’t just stop once their current victim turns into an adult.
    We never find out why Helen is estranged from her family, which to me is a BIG thing missing from this story. Were they behind the claimed abuse? Had she accused them of abuse, only they hadn’t abused her? My point is that there were so many holes in Helen’s story, the film maker didn’t do any research except with experts (who didn’t agree that DID was real) and didn’t even take Helen to meet the experts, rather opting to show them footage of Helen.
    Overall, thoroughly disappointed.

  10. I just watched the documentary.I had hoped to learn more about her childhood, not necessarily the abuse but the quality of family relationships she had.but it was an interesting documentary.
    However, I am quite appalled by some of the comments here which seems to judge and shame people with mental illness.We may never know whether she was ‘faking it’ or not. If she does have DID, it’s a difficult thing to manage.If she doesn’t, why is she doing it? What psychological need is she trying to fulfill?
    And self harming isn’t as simple as attention seeking.Many self harmers engage in these behaviours to regulate intense negative emotions.And yes, some people self harm to ‘seek attention’ but what is this distress that they are trying to get other people to notice?
    So please don’t label people without knowing truly what they are going through, thinking or feeling.

  11. My best friend’s mom had D.I.D. and she doesn’t buy this. A big thing she says is that all research indicates that it is developed by age 7 or 8.

  12. You don’t need to be a psychologist to see this woman is completely making it up for attention. It is not even good acting. It’s pathetic.

  13. I feel like she has some sort of spirit attachment or is clairvoyant without knowing exactly what it is. I think everyone who is inruiged by this should read shaman views of mental illness. There’s a blog on Google that goes More into the subject.
    I couldn’t go more than 15 minutes into the show because I feel she was hurt at a very young age by someone she loved. Yes trauma does affect everyone differently. I think medication is only a cover up or a bandaid; this lady could be healed with some spiritual healing. It starts with becoming aware of the initial traumas. My opinion only.

    • The younger the child the more the damage! Abortion and adoption are the ultimate spiritual crimes in this class ! The closer to the child (ie parents) the more the evil spiritual entity is thrilled!! Remember evil loves creating disorder, paradoxes, bends in the natural timeline and split minds are just another arrow in it’s quiver!! Evils trick is to get us to do the crime to each other it always has been!!

  14. In the beginning of the documentary they stated clearly that when ONE personality comes out, the others do NOT know what that personality is doing. She was asked in the beginning, “Who makes the most mess around the house?”….she answered after a pause, “William”. If this were real, she would NOT know the answer to that question. I’m leaning towards the “faking it” opinion.

    • Could be but the logic behind why a mind would split when being abused in that terrible way is conceivable! But yer it’s a bit fishy but why would she do this? What to live a lonely life in a council flat on benefits with an old man as her only friend bit of a shitty return for being an actor!

    • She has diaries and has also seen the video footage.

      Its easy to become aware of the other personas and their habits over time.

  15. I believe this was only a very small piece of the puzzle we were being shown. Did she not graduate there was a picture of her in a graduation picture, she was older than 17 at graduation , did she go to Uni, what age was she when these personalities emerged. So many questions left unanswered. Does she go into these personalities when she’s nervous or in a situation she feels uncomfortable with. So its now become a coping mechanism. Bless her, she is clearly Physchotic now . My heart goes out to her . The doc was made in 2004 so shed be in her 50s now, what has become of her?

  16. I become so sad when seeing what abuse and neglect can do to people. I am grateful she has a friend who helps to take care of her. It also saddens me that people automatically think she is faking, is crazy, or is just plain manipulative. Yes, there are many people who go through horrific ordeals and never splinter. There are also many others who may splinter at much less. Pain, emotional as well as physical, affects everyone – every single individual – completely different. What may seem so bad to you may bring on suicide in others. Emotional and physical traumas affect each individual differently.

    Who are we to judge whether or not this young lady is faking or is crazy…or whatever. The point here is to just help her to try to live a life with some kind of quality. I do believe that for those who are helping her, therapists and friends, that they are getting (or have gotten) to the root of what has caused Helen’s trauma in order to better help and understand her. And truly, I believe, this documentary is not about what the root is/was but to show a glimpse into a young lady’s life who has D.I.D. in the hopes it helps others to understand. Just because it is a rare condition does not mean it does not exist. It does happen.

    I would hope this relatively short documentary would help to foster tolerance and understanding, not name calling and rejection.

    • Beautifully stated, friend. Documentaries are shared with the idea to diminish judgement and have people look inside, deeper. When we judge we can’t do that the way we are intended to

    • Lisa S – thank you – I liked reading your post ….. God bless you – God bless everyone ….. we are truly living in the belly of the beast. The world and all of its inhabitants need to be healed

  17. If she does have these different personalities, I don’t think it is caused from abuse. So many people out there have been through so much worse (not saying she hasn’t), and no way did they form personalities like this. Maybe they did have counseling and therapy along with anxiety and depression, BUT not like this lady on documentary forming these little kid personalities. To be honest if it is true what she has, I think she is just flat out crazy. Why kids tho? and then the cutting on her arms? YES she is crazy and has mental issues. Look at her eyes! crazy is everywhere:(

    • Whether or not others have “been through so much worse” has nothing to do with whether or not her mental disorder was brought on by abuse. According to the Diathesis-Stress Model, the amount of stress (abuse is the stressor in this case) needed to develop a mental disorder varies significantly from person to person and is a result of genetics and preventative factors. Thus, someone with high diathesis (predisposition) for a specific disorder needs little stress to develop it whereas someone with low diathesis needs large amounts of stress. Before you accuse someone of making up the cause of their disorder, study up πŸ™‚
      xoxo, a clinical psychology doctoral candidate

      • Perhaps you should turn in your doctorate. I would believe that your degree was received from a cracker jack box as a prize, based on your complete lack of understanding of MPD. If this were a true case of MPD or DID, the handwriting would be diametrically different, if you review actually footage of the diaries, the handwriting isn’t different, all the letters slant the same way, letters are made the same, the only thing she’s done is change whether it was in all caps, or, cursive, etc, her natural handwriting is still present in each diary, the voice change wouldn’t happen, and she wouldn’t have any recollection of what the other personalities had done. She distinctly states which personality is the messiest, meaning they are communicating with each other, which isn’t MPD. She is presenting a performance piece, nothing more, nothing less.

        • Kill yourself, retard. How many diagnoses are you packing, then?

          • Charlotte, I am at a loss of why you would tell ANYONE to KILL themselves or use the R word (retard). Do you know what Retard means: to make slow; delay the development or progress of (an action, process, etc.); hinder or impede. I find that this definition applies more to “normal functioning” or “typical” people rather than the students I work with on a daily basis. I have worked with many individuals that hinder or impede or delay the development or progress because they are lazy and don’t want to work. They are ignorant and just want to name call or place blame.

            Fight with knowledge, information, and intelligence, not name calling, cyberbullying, and ignorance.

          • We are talking about the Satanic Temple, here. Name calling, cyberbullying, and ignorance are literally all they are good for.

          • Look at that, couldn’t refute the factual data, and Charlotte and her many personalities threatens me again. LOL Cry more, your liberal tears are delicious snowflake.

          • That doesn’t actually refute my assertions, it only shows that MPD is real, it doesn’t prove that Helen was in any way diagnosed with it, or wasn’t faking it, but hey, who needs factual data when you can wish on unicorn poop and make your own world.

          • You have no basis for your assertion that Helen or anyone else is faking mental illness for attention. Get a new hobby, troll.

          • I noticed that is the only thing you can contribute to the entire discussion is to continue telling people to kill themselves. It’s just another pathetic attempt for you to gain some attention whether it be online or in real life to provide some validation for your sad sad life

          • That is how you cult-brainwashed stalkers treat people with traumagenic mental illness. Since this is apparently all you’re good for, why don’t you just throw yourselves in a fire, and rid us all of your stupidity?

          • Cry more?? Just because she’s faking it doesn’t mean you have to get violent, but hey, when you don’t have factual information, resort to threats, and intimidation.

          • Seriously, where is your data to back up the fact that every person suffering of DID has to write “diametrically” different for every personality. And you obviously missed the fact that she is indeed communicating in some way with her personalities by writing in her diaries and reading about each of them. She was also shown footage of herself so it is obvious she would notice at some point.

          • John Hopkins, Massachusetts General Hospital, Mayo Clinic, and Yale all have fantastic articles and studies on this very issue, but hey, who needs factual data, when you’ve got uninformed opinion. Do some actual research, instead of playing at being a shrink. I interned at the Mayo Clinic, and assisted with one of those very studies, but shhhhh, factual data is insulting to your crybaby safe place agenda.

          • Phd hanging on my wall is evidence enough, there are enough cited studies that I shouldn’t have to do the research for you. The fact is, you’re entirely too lazy to do the actual research, and want to let it lie. Clinically, I would say you were a moron, but on a more personal level, I believe your idiocy in wanting to believe a documentary that is flawed at the outside, shows a delusion that is only matched by the delusion of Helen, herself.

          • Adam, if you have a PhD, the university ought to be sued! I think we know who has the fake personality here. Too funny. Thanks for the laugh!

          • Sounds like you have an Oedipal complex, I’d suggest stop sleeping with your own mother to begin with. Seriously though, you wouldn’t know an educated person, or the studies I’ve written on the subject if it bit you on the knows.

          • What the fuck are you even doing here, retard?

          • I noticed that is the only thing you can contribute to the entire discussion is to continue telling people to kill themselves. It’s just another pathetic attempt for you to gain some attention whether it be online or in real life to provide some validation for your sad sad life

  18. Completely totally fake. She has issues but its NOT MPD!

    • I’d like you to delve deeper into the history of satanic ritual abuse – and how predominate it is in Britain ……. please do your research before making comments

  19. What did she say about being pregnant? The audio skipped – did she miscarry or terminate?

  20. This was a nice little documentary and I felt for Helen but some of her switches seemed inauthentic. Do they come out when they are being talked about? At the school when they were talking to their old teacher, it’s seems as if adam came out on cue. On her birthday when in he taxi why did Alex already have a toy gun to go pew pew with?

  21. Watching this on netflix right now. I have many issues with what im watching. I am not one of those people who thinks all DID patients fake it but some do its just like some people fake other sickness. Also if there were satanic cults out there. There would be some proof not just claims from victims. In the world today with forensics we would have atleast the smallest shred of evidence.

    • Harve1138 – there is proof – don’t be fooled the same people controlling the mass media controls the information that you are allowed to know

      • You are a moron, and a paranoid nut job. If that were true, we wouldn’t see your post, now would we?

        • God, you are an ugly soul. I cannot imagine the forces that turned you into the person you are. I can’t imagine you having any mental health education. A true professional would not be such an angry troll. You must have a lot of pain. You seem to be quite a cluster B.

  22. This is just idiotic. Instead of hinting darkly at satanic ritual abuse, they should look a little closer to home to find the true source of her mental suffering. Nobody in this film is asking the obvious questions about her parents. What was a 17-year-old girl doing completely on her own? Why has she cut off all contact with her family? If you want to know how she got the way she is, take a look at them. Sheesh. It’s so obvious.

    • I know – I thought they would get into that. What about her parents? What kind of upbringing, etc.

  23. How terrible to live her life like that. My heart goes out to her…the trauma she suffered as a child must have been so severe that she fragmented to protect herself….to think children suffer through something so horrific that it destroys them is heartbreaking

  24. This was absolute bullshit!!! They probably both planned this act out. If this was a legit research documentary then why didn’t they go to the doctor and shit? She’s so beyond annoying I could not finish this wack “show”

    • I agree with you, also!!!! The first time I viewed this documentary, it was obvious that Helen definitely has a severe psychological/mental health condition caused by severe childhood trauma she sadly endured πŸ˜’πŸ’” although, seeing it again, I don’t believe it’s actually MPD, but rather, something else…..possibly CPTSD & severe anxiety…..

    • Your comment is so funny…I agree!

    • and her parents and other family members, too. Not enough research to find out more

    • I really had trouble believing it wasn’t all an act to get attention. She mentioned at one point, “how could someone just change their voice instantaneously like that?”. Ask anyone who does voiceovers for cartoon characters….they do it for a living!!

    • I grew up with a mom who had 4 personalities. an 8 year old girl named ann, a 16 year old girl named shelly, my mom and a 56 year old grandmother named christine. If you have never experienced something of this nature then you REALLY SHOULDN’T comment on things of which you have no clue. You’re probally a tourist who thinks they know everything and in reality has no clue. and yes it does take some serve abuse to split a person’s personality.

      • I think the people that try to shun this are frightened of it and don’t want to admit to it.
        I don’t know anything about satanic abuse in UK, but there are a lot of sects where terrible things happen. The very reason there is no evidence is because they are very good at manipulation. No evidence is even going to be up for debate if no one reports the crime.

        As for the characters coming out in response to their name, if someone eas talking about you in ear shot, what would be the natural reaction?
        Perhaps she carries the gun for Alex because she wants to make sure he is happy, does he have tantrums without the gun?

        A lot of unanswered questions. I wish we could find out how she is doing now. The poor little girl πŸ™ breaks my heart.

      • Just because your mom has mpd doesn’t mean this whack job does.

  25. Until someone actually witnesses someone with DID change in front of you, you shouldn’t judge. I’ve personally witnessed a woman in her 40’s change into a little boy. Her facial features changed not just her voice. It’s something I will never forget, it gave me chills then and it gives me chills now. This happened when I was preg. With my last child who just turned 15 in may so 15 yrs ago and I remember it like yesterday. It takes SEVERE abuse to cause this. Until you’ve walked in someone’s shoes you can’t judge them. Who knows what he’ll she’s lived.

    • the documentary should have, I think, focused on finding out the abuse – talking to her parents, and digging deeper. That’s the point

    • I know what you mean about not judging BUT it is good to remember there was a famous book in 1973 – SYBIL – about multiple personalities. Later on, she admitted she lied about it all. So, it is good to take everything “with a grain of salt” though.

    • Well we did watch supposedly in this so call documentary… and there was no facial expression change at all ever… the voices and speech patterns were fake and far too young for the personality she was pretending to be be…ridiculous

  26. Just watched this doc on Netflix Canada. I was left wondering why hadn’t the producer investigated Helens childhood, family and interviewed family friends. It wasn’t enough that she was Helens friend and was at a total loss as to why Helen was inflicted with this horrible condition. She went to and interviewed medical professionals in psychiatric practise, and we the viewers heard their overview of Helens predicament, without the doctors actually meeting Helen. This documentary was frustrating, it wasn’t meant to be investigatory just shining a light on a mental disorder. Too bad I had to find that out at the end. Also Helen revealing that she would ultumately choose to remain the way she is and would not accept help/cure. It would have been far more interesting knowing that fact right off and the focus of the doc on why someone could possibly choose to live medicated and sadly ignorant of why. Finally, I don’t think the makers and producers were necessarily exploitive, an old friend finding out what has become of someone she was close to in childhood was touching. I just find it came close to exploitation when the production was more a reality show, than investigative.

    • This is actually very common with those who have been diagnosed with the disorder. The disorder is known as one that is iatrogenic, or caused by the therapists who diagnose it. Those with MPD/DID have no signs of it until their therapists say it and cultivate it. They become very comfortable with this lifestyle and get very angry when given the option to “fix” it or when they find out it’s not real. More research will be done about this. Joan Coleman is a known panderer of the Satanic Ritual Abuse witch hunt panic in the UK.

      • This is why the Satanic Temple are pedophile-protectors: they gang-stalk child abuse survivors, accuse them of faking mental illness for attention, and tell them to snap out of it. Snap out of that autism of yours, why don’t you? Your religion is merely a performance piece, nothing more, nothing less.

        • It’s really adorable that you’re following me around. Some, like Twitter and Facebook, and even law enforcement, call this stalking and targeted harassment.

          • That’s exactly what the Ghey Fraction is doing to the community of child sexual abuse survivors with DID. #DishItOutYaTakeIt #Posers

          • Shaming the LGBTQ community while you’re at it, and telling me to kill myself in two other responses. And slander.
            You really need to be hospitalized, or in jail. Get a lawyer, ugly.

          • Says the troll who goes around shaming the mentally ill, calling all multiples “lunatics”, and telling us to kill ourselves.

            As I said previously, I have spoken with your lawyer, Stu de Haan. He is not laughing anymore. He should not have been laughing to begin with.

      • P.S. Kill yourself, retard.

      • Most adults who suffered this level of severe abuse where they dissociate are in families that are part of organised abuse or part of a wider network of people that are abusing, The Ritual /Satanic part can be because often certain rituals and practices are used to control and silence the victims .. Its not possible a therapist or Counsellor can create a false memory most adults as in Helens case display behaviour evidence of being abused in childhood which is frequently ignored. A child or teenager who abuses alcohol uses drugs, withdraws or cuts themselves is treated in isolation, the family are often left out of the assessment. The individual is labeled as having a problem. Whereas the victims behaviour could be seen as a normal psychological response or mechanism to survive extreme distress . Until the person is safe they are not able to process the experiences. The family remains unexamined and the person is left more isolated as they are then seen as having the problem and as such not believed or thought of as reliable. Its very isolating as the victim sees themselves as sick whilst the family or people who caused the trauma are not identified. Its ok as part of the recovery process to not want to give up the spilt parts as they have been friends people she needed to help her cope. We don’t abandoned friends even imaginary companions quickly she has to trust eventually that she as a whole can cope alone without them and that takes time.

        • There is no such thing as Satanic Ritual Abuse. Every single time someone has used that as their reasons for finding their “alters” it was investigated and found to not_be_true. Every single time. Stop with the Satanic Panic with hunts. It muddies the waters for those who are truly abused.

          • The Satanic Temple appears to want nothing more than to use people with mental illness as click bait, treating child abuse survivors with multiple personalities as side-show freaks to be gawked at and mocked. The Satanic Temple is insinuating that and its members aren’t to be taken seriously – we are, it seems, a joke.

          • You muddy the waters for those who have traumagenic mental illness as a result of child abuse. Kill yourself, retard.

  27. After watching this documentary, I feel a very strong desire to help Helen somehow. My name is Dave and would like very much to speak with our even meet with Helen and/or her friends and associates, doctors.

    I understand with all of the controversy and critics here that this may seem a counter intuitive place to extend this offer, but I feel genuinely compelled to help her.

    Please feel free to contact me here, for obvious reasons giving our collective “private” contact information but my public email address is :

    [email protected]

    Please feel free to send me any contact info to discuss.

    I sincerely wish to help on any way and know exactly what she and those around her are experiencing and may indeed have some helpful insights to bring to her/your collective table.

    Thank you. I hope to hear back

    • I feel the same way. I felt compelled to to something after watching this documentary. Ritual abuse is something I had no idea was happening. These people need to be in prison and we need to do an investigation on this. We live in civilized times in which these monsters who harm people/children like Helen should be eradicated from the face of the earth! Justice for Helen!

  28. And for any negative comments…why would someone choose to live like this? My understanding is that multiples don’t exist, but I’m not inside Helen’s head, so, really, how would I know. Hope she finds peace, understanding and compassion.

    • Lots of attention…

      • Maybe…but like I said, I’m not in her head and nobody truly knows but her.

        • Well when you agree to be in a documentary… don’t complain and be shocked when people comment and discuss the documentary… it’s kinda the point… and from what was presented she has issues but it’s sure not a genuine case of multiple personality disorder. I don’t need to be ” in her head” to see a woman desperate for attention among other things.

    • Because she’s been told that this is who she is and that this is her ‘lot’.

  29. I’m so happy to see this filmmaker really spend time with her. She is really all alone and that is sad.

  30. This link works

    really interesting and bizarre documentary

  31. I can’t believe thes nagative cruel comments. Mental health issues does exist including multiple personalities. Obviously there are people out there who don’t have a clue about these things and too ignorant to believe otherwise.

  32. which personality was a fat lady stealing from the government?

  33. sick, how many pills,

    • And she get’s the fun pills too valium, sleeping pills and prozac which can give the feeling of elation. No wonder she doesn’t want to integrate. The whole documentary was nonsense and the filmmaker wasn’t very good if what she really wanted to do was investigate DID in general while focusing on Helen specifically but I know why. You can’t take a look at the diagnosis objectively and still believe in the diagnoses.

      • And did anyone notice all the slits on her wrist? She’s one of those ppl who is depressed and wants attention , this was an outlet for that . Anyone who believes this is an idiot , we need to take warnings off everything so all the stupid ppl can kill them selves off. Example: warning this is flammable

        • Do you really think all people who kill themselves are stupid? And what exactly qualifies a person to be considered stupid? Because they have had a difficult life with lots of abuse and so they try to cope the only ways they know how? Do not make blanketing statements. It makes you seem like a stupid person

  34. As a psych major, I was really really disappointed, that after coming here for the first time and browsing around that this was the first thing that pops up in the psychology section

  35. YOU ARE FULL OF SHIT LADY! Quit scamming the government!

  36. Bullshit! completely phony as hell.