Heroin: Cape Cod, USA

Since 2001 the United States has seen a drastic increase in opiate related overdose deaths, the figures themselves have quadrupled and in 2014 Massachusetts alone saw more than 1,250 deaths related to heroin overdoses. 85 percent of all crimes committed on Cape Cod are opiate related.

Heroin: Cape Cod, USA takes us on a journey to Cape Cod itself and exposes the epidemic that is currently sweeping through America’s small towns and communities. We get to meet eight young addicts along the way and hear first hand how this drug has affected their lives and how a startling 80 percent of heroin users started with prescription painkillers following an accident or surgery.

As more and more states are legalising marijuana, it appears that Mexican drug cartels have moved on to harder drugs in order to make up for lost profit. They are pushing this stronger and cheaper heroin into new markets, the lie of which has never been seen before.

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