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  1. WoW no wonder they are still taking heroin there dose of methadone is so low.I got hooked to morphine for 2 years and ive been on 110 mgs of methadone a day and it works great

  2. Loved the song at the end, also appears in Trainspotting I believe. Quit appropriate. Good watch.

  3. I noticed that his methadone script was for something like 28 ml’s of 1 mg per ml methadone, so 28 mg’s or so. This is an impossibly small dose for an experienced heroin user who had just started methadone treatment (he would not be comfortable at all). Also the script was for a 500 ml bottle and stated “bottle 1 of 2”, so this would seem to mean he was getting a take-away dose of one (1) liter. (this is more like the amount pharmacies receive in one go, not patients.) This is a far cry from him having to get urine tests and tedious regular trips to the pharmacy! Good Doco but i think that inaccuracies like this really let it down, others have pointed out here some other inaccuracies that all together and with what i pointed out make this not a film for knowledgeable ex/drug addicts, it is a curiosity piece for the general public that really relies on pushing peoples buttons to make nice little emotions for y’all!

    • they use to give meth to TAKE HOME. can you imagine if that was still the case, also if you noticed, the way methadone is taken has changed. this man was taking smaller doses a few times a day, so we dont really know how many ml’s he was taking in the course of a 24 hour period, when now there is a measured daily amount all taken at one supervised taking at pharmacy.

    • Usually they start methadone treatment doses on the low side (with the lowest  being 20ml) because the side effects of under dosing are easier to handle, monitor and fix than over dosing. So this is not an inaccuracy. And they also would have tested him for his candidacy for take-away dosing. Undoubtedly the other 500ml would have been a repeat on a script and he would have had to check in with his doctor/counsellor and pharmacist to receive it.
      I agree this was a button-pusher. But methadone treatments vary so greatly from person to person that you can’t just claim innacuracy if it doesn’t fit in with your personal knowledge of pharmacotherapy.

  4. I swear I’ve seen cuts from this in another docu… and maybe I’m mixing it up with another, but I believe it was set in Oz… not the UK at all.

  5. hope it works out for you. Bruce Parry took it in an episode of ‘tribe’.My partner is trying to get off methadone at the moment and we have a 16 month old son. It’s a real struggle causing us alot of stress. Iv’e been teaching her buddhist meditation in a small tent in the back garden. Hoping that the increase in awareness and devopment of more positivity along with our son and a safe place to live might swing it for her away from the devastation she was feeling when I met her. The craving for the drugs is massive. Good luck and thanks for sharing the film.



    The producers of this short film are both recovering addicts who have both spent time living and indulging with drug addiction in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. Today they are both clean and sober with multiple years of recovery

    Addiction: Chaos in Vancouver

  7. I was addicted to Oxycontin for a few years, used Methadone to get off. Saved My Life. But after a relapse I realized that the addiction was not the core of my issues, it was a poor attempt at covering up. Methadone wasn’t easy to kick, but it was better than dying on a LazyBoy.
    Glad to see such extremes being taken to save what was felt to be important. Keep it up!
    For those who still do need help… it’s there, you just got to find it.

  8. i used h for years,with help detox and abstinence can be acheived, very hard but so worth it.I have yet to meet somebody that set out to get addicted it just creeps up.Fair does to the guys who take a chance with ibogaine, happy for any recovering addict.

  9. Important, engaging documentary!
    Heroin addicts, as well as other drug users, deserve all the help they need when trying to break their addictions. More research dollars should be spent on improving the safety, and availability of Ibogaine. As with other serious health problems like obesity, heart disease, and diabetes, addicts must be given the best treatment possible.

  10. @Thetruth,

    Holy crap!!!!!! Are you ever hostile.

    That guy didn’t “deserve” to die. He wanted to quit! I’ve seen way worse. At least he had a job and loved his family. Geeesh!

  11. If you’re stupid enough to start then you deserve to fucking die.

  12. I found this doc very refreshing considering all the other films I’ve watched featuring addicts. Though it appeared to be shot by camcorder, the quality was very good. It was so hard to watch the film maker’s withdrawal attempt near the end of the story! I kept rooting for him because he was worth saving. You’ll have to watch it yourself to find out what happened.

  13. Worth a watch, shocking documentary about the dangers of heroin and methedone. Makes you feel sorry for all the addicts out there that actually want to quit and cant. Shows the extreme measures people are willing to take to get free from this horrible addiction.

  14. Very vivid representation of the evils and the dangers of using heroin and methedone and the damage it can do to even an educated, once sensible man, I had some friends that were into that evil stuff…they’re gone now and I’m still here…glad I didn’t touch it! A few beers now and then and a good lady to guide you and you’ll be fine. I found this documentary very informative and very depressing…stay away from that shit!

  15. as you my tell from my spelling hope you can correct coz i cant.

  16. no matter fake or not this stuff really works iv seen it afew times before, the doge thing i seen was he says he has heaps of bags for his cam stuff but clearly the quality is a camcorder any addicts want to skate there addition and has access to this drug or can find it….Do it 100% works dunno if it will be a easy but will work……his trip should have made him be way more speechless and incoherent….= ZOMBIE LIKE but none the less very good piont…..long time drug user my self will not point out but def not H…or hill billy H as he took for years….

  17. i was watching this but at the start something sketchy happens..on 3.37 you see an irn bru can???….no tell me if im wrong but that is a very modern looking can…with a modern ring pull..this is meant to be in 1990 when they had those dodgy pull off rings and straight cans…huuum