Hijacking Humanity

Are you a corporate body and legal name registered as chattel property with the corporation you reside in? What the heck does that even mean?
After connecting with many people from around the world during 5 years of intense research, Paul Verge charts his journey of startling discoveries through the many systems that govern our lives in North America, where hidden levers are pulled, backs are scratched in the shadows and the seemingly unconnected gears of everyday powerbrokers combine into a massive jigsaw puzzle, revealing themselves to be part of the juggernaut machinery pushing towards a consolidation of World Power.
This film examines the many aspects of our Authoritative Systems that we take for granted in our everyday lives. From Currency Printing and The Origins of our Money, to How the Media Works and Compartmentalization of Information, this film connects the dots between seemingly unconnected dynamics of our System.
Find out who YOU really are, Legally and Lawfully -Discover the difference between the Sovereign Human and the Legal Person. Empower yourself with important sources of key information, from Books to other Mind-Blowing Documentaries that will change the way you look at the world, and inspire you to do something important that makes a difference! pjk

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  1. this is all well and good, but unfortunately, knowing is only half the battle. Props to G.I.Joe, and much like that show taught us, the other half? It’s violence.

  2. Also just an FYI, although I disagree with the nature of the system and it’s necessary manipulative and deceptive structure ultimately if a person is fully educated on the whole issue and understands it and willfully chooses to be part of the global society the ptb’s have built I have no problem respecting their right to that choice.

    I just oppose how this system does not truly give us the choice and we never know the real truth, the system is specifically designed to prevent us from knowing the truth and thus being able to make a truly knowledgeable and objective decision or choice for ourselves, as is our right as human beings(but not as ‘legal persons’).

    Myself and 99% of those who support the ‘Freeman movement’ simply want every human being to be fully educated on the matter and be able to make an informed decision for themselves, and if they chose to not be part of the global society of the ptb’s that we have our own society of freemen and women that is completely self-sustained and separate from the main society, where our bodies are sovereign and not ‘legal persons’ owned by the state and banks and where we follow Common Law(The Law of the Land) – based off the ten commandments originally, if there is no victim there is no crime.

    We are responsible for ourselves and to ourselves, and if we do anything to victimize other human beings(of any society) then we are criminals and need to be punished for that, but if we chose to do something(like do drugs) that only harms ourselves we can not be victims to ourselves and therefore we are not criminals and we accept responsibility for our own actions and it’s up to us to deal with the consequences.

    Personal responsibility is what the ptb’s fear, right now they have us fully convinced that our only responsibilities are to the government and the corporations mainly through the legal system, and sometimes to ‘supporting our families’ which actually means working your ass off for the corporations for money to pay your family’s bills(owed to the corporations) while spending little if any actual time with them and not being a real family.

    Our only allowed responsibility to ourselves is to make sure our own bills are paid, and of course to strive for an ‘independence’ that is based primarily on consumer products and meaningless physical ‘style’ rather than real personality which only really benefits the corporations, and of course it creates much of the bills you have a responsibility to yourself to keep paying…

    Round and round we go, and we won’t stop till the people really know.

  3. Every human being on this planet should be forced to see this documentary series, especially Chapter 3.

    Or I should say every Legal Person on Earth should be forced to watch this so that they can shed their ‘corporate body’ and become actual human beings with real human rights.

    Though that is often far easier said than done, but the key is peaceful resistance to any attempt to punish you for upholding your human right to chose whether to be a part of this global society or not.

    Armed resistance may in fact become necessary at some point, but if and when it does it is imperative that it is “they” who initiate it, or else we make it far too easy for their PR machines to vilify us as terrorists and turn the public against us through their highly crafted manipulations.

    The pen is mightier than the sword as it is their necessity to provoke us into armed action in order to be able to adequately fight us as their words/lies alone will not stand up to our truth so they need to use force and fear-mongering to fight the truth.

    Sticking to peaceful resistance until absolutely necessary carries the only chance of success for the Freemen and women of the world, armed action gives them the only tool they need and can use to destroy us.

    A society built on warfare and the military is ready to take on all comers in armed conflict and have no fears of armed resistance, it is unarmed conflict that such a society is extremely vulnerable to and fearful of as bullets and bombs can not kill the truth.

    Hence why the the powers that be spend billions of dollars per nation per year on ‘Public Relations'(propaganda) systems and staff to fight the ‘information war’ being waged on the brainwashed masses.

    But even those ‘(dis)information weapons’ can not defeat the truth so long as the truth tellers have the courage to withstand the threats and any possible consequences for speaking the truth, and as long as the word continues to spread and more people continue to educate themselves on the truth and learn how to disconnect themselves from the PR machine that is our entire lives in our society right from birth to death.

    It’s not easy and it likely won’t be painless either, I suppose the questions each person needs to ask themselves is are the benefits of being part of the society worth giving up their freedoms for? And if not are they willing to accept the consequences of trying to become truly free and of speaking out in the name of truth themselves?

    Hopefully there are enough people willing to become truly free human beings to keep this ‘freeman movement’ rolling against the increasing corporate media opposition and slandering and manipulation in the ‘information war’ they waging on Freemen now.

    And no I have not shed my ‘legal person’ yet myself as I have pending legal issues that complicate the matter. But I have supported the movement for years now and am 100% certain of attaining Freeman status as soon as is possible for me, if in any way possible at that time.

  4. sound not working on part 2