‘Hillsborough’ is a powerful documentary describing the events and aftermath of the 1989 tragedy – was aired on LFC TV to mark the 20th anniversary of the day 96 Liverpool fans lost their lives at a football match. Featuring contributions from the likes of Sheila Coleman, Phil Hammond, Neil Fitzmaurice, Peter Carney, Rogan Taylor, John Barnes and John Aldridge amongst others, ‘Hillsborough’ is essential viewing for not just Liverpool fans, but all football supporters.

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  1. they should have bought all the family members dentures.

  2. Canada or USA does not show big games on TV? I live in Canada and get all the games on TV. More than in the UK, and Saturday games live.

    In the USA it’s not played by rich kids, it’s played in schools by pretty much everyone, but mainly more interest with the girls later.

  3. To what team did the hooligan fans belong to in the riots in Italy?

  4. With the exception of the United States and Canada, the world loves this sport. For a number of reasons, Canadians and Americans simply never caught on. We do try to watch it. However, neither country really carry the big matches on television. In both countries soccer is played by rich kids to the age of about fourteen. Then they move on.