Mystery Quest: Hitler’s Escape

Adolph Hitler was one of the most vicious people in modern history. It is assumed he killed himself, but there is no evidence of his death. Near the final days of World War II when the Russians were surrounding Berlin, Hitler and his wife went down to their underground bunker and killed themselves. At least that is what his guards have said. They said they heard the shot and opened the door to find Hitler lying bloody and dead on the couch, and his wife next to him, poisoned to death.

The guards said they then took the body of Hitler outside and burned it then buried it. Apparently, Hitler did not want his lifeless body on display like Mussolini’s corpse had been.

Mystery Quest takes up the challenge of finding clues of Hitler’s death. There has been speculation that he escaped and might have gone to South America. Other people have said they had seen him around other parts of Germany. Whatever the stories, there is no evidence of a dead body belonging to Adolph Hitler.

Hitler used a double, especially after the close attempt on his life in the Valkyrie incident. What the Russians found when they arrived in Berlin, was the dead body of a man looking like Hitler, but in all accounts was his double. This man was apparently two inches shorter than Adolph Hitler.

In the Russian archived they have a couch with blood stains and a piece of a skull with a bullet hole in it. Mystery Quest sent an American archaeologist to Russia to get evidence from these items and bring it back to the United States to see if there was any DNA that could be found in the blood or the burned skull.

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  1. You gooder the english speek

  2. Rubbish! His chared jaw and parts of his skull are in the KGB museum in Moskow.

  3. garbage…how are eye witnesses including his chauffeur NOT evidence.

    Plus he had NO where to run. There is NO WAY he could have gotten out of Berlin. NOT a single possibility that he could have.

  4. Who cares Randall? Well obviously you did or why else did you watch it.
    perhaps you just go around making senseless comments on documentaries you did not watch just to put in your profound observations for all to see.
    in answer to your Q, history cares.

  5. They found Josef Mengele’s remains in south america

  6. about the former bodyguard…..when he was a young man he swore an oath to adolf hitler. he was 27 at the end of the war,,so he was likely former hitlerjugend, or hitler youth. He was groomed and bred into nazi ideology. It was put into his head in his formative years. He was one of those that had to stay…and he did. Maybe he knows hitler got away, but won’t let out knowledge of his escape. I hate to say it, but maybe this man is still a nazi at heart…

  7. Does it really matter? He’d be long dead now anyway…..

  8. So, Eva Braun committed suicide beside Hitler’s doppelganger? If he escaped, why didn’t she go with him.? And what about the Goebbel’s? Would they have killed themselves and their six children if Hitler in fact escaped?

  9. Who cares…he’s definately not a threat now…definately, he’s best forgotten, so why dig him up now? Lets never forget the horrors of what he did…but let’s forget the man…

  10.  He no Died, he Lifeded

  11. did he died?

  12. did he died?