Hitler of The Andes

In April 1945, Hitler was the most wanted man in Europe. Dead or alive, the victorious Allies needed to see his body in the dock of a courtroom or in a grave but in the chaos of war proof that the dictator had died proved elusive. Maybe Hitler was dead or maybe he had escaped, this was a question many had at the time.

The mystery of the missing dictator drew in spies, scientists and historians from America, Russia and Britain. As recently released documents show it lead the FBI into it’s most incredible manhunt, searching for Hitler from the subways of the bronx to the jungles of Latin America.

The Allies spent six years trying to defeat Hitler but it would take them many times longer to sort out the confusion that surrounded his faith. Conspiracy, fact and fiction all rushed in to fill the vacuum left by the missing dictator.

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  1. In my opinion,Some mysteries and secrets not solved yet about Hitler and Nazis army in Novadays.

  2. No way 18,000 KM range on the JU 390 or the other one aircraft mentioned. 6K mile range.

  3. I hope he did escape to Argentina. To learn the truth watch “the greatest story never told” documentary on YouTube.

  4. The usual sort of garbage you see on History Channel.