Hitler Speaks: Hitler’s Private Movies

On May 1st 1945 allied forces overtook Hitler’s private mountain retreat in Bavaria.

America’s OSS (office of strategic services) looking for evidence of Nazi war crimes uncovered a large archive of Hitlers private home movies.

Without sound they were useless as evidence of war crimes and remained archived for years.

Re-opened recently with the aid of 20th Century technology and skilled lip readers we can now hear what was said.

These videos offer a glimpse into the personal life of one of history’s most despised men.

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  1. very interesting!

  2. follow-up: they only start showing the edited films at around 30 min.

  3. i’m only 10 minutes in but so far it’s pretty lackluster. they’re really building up to whenever they unveil the “cutting-edge technology” that will put subtitles on hitler’s home movies, and in the mean time they make plenty of sweeping statements like “image was everything to hitler.” talking about how hitler got trained in oration by a magician, and suggesting at every turn that hitler ‘mesmerized’ and ‘enchanted’ people into buying into nazism, the same soft-hearted, dangerous propaganda that ignores people’s ability to buy into destructive ideologies, for the sake of painting hitler as some kind of speech-giving wizard, magically whisking the germans toward genocide. it is not smart to ignore and white-wash the dark and unclean side of the human mind.

  4. very nice documentary.thanks alot!

  5. so interesting! if you are intrigued by the whole nazi era, this is a great documentary