Ho Chi Minh: Vietnam’s Enigma

North Vietnamese communist politician, prime minister 1954-55, and president 1954-69. Having trained in Moscow shortly after the Russian Revolution, he headed the communist Vietminh from 1941 and fought against the French during the Indochina War 1946-54, becoming president and prime minister of the republic at the armistice.
Aided by the communist bloc, he did much to develop industrial potential. He relinquished the premiership in 1955, but continued as president. In the years before his death, Ho successfully led his country’s fight against US-aided South Vietnam in the Vietnam War 1954-75.

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  1. This is a joke man …It says ” having trained in Moscow just after the revolution ” . As far as I know Ho chi Min was a chef in Paris France before he returned to Vietnam. He was far more of a nationalist than a communist as were most of the Vietnamese people. They just wanted to run their own country after 150 years of French domination and then during WW11 Japanese occupation. Ho actually wrote to Truman feeling sure that the USA would support them.

  2. My country would be better if he made friend with Uncle Same instead of damed Lenin or Mark. I wish he is not a vietnamese. So sad for my country now, Viet Nam oi, Vn oi…..

  3. Ho Chi Minh is a big liar.