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The film, produced by the brilliant and ecology-minded French director Luc Besson, is the work of acclaimed aerial photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand, whose cinematography, covering landscapes in 54 countries, provides a journey you’ll never be able to experience anywhere else. Bertrand’s views of Earth from above are so powerfully exquisite they will bring you to tears.

Nut, along with its enthralling images, the film delivers alarming statistics about climate change and how quickly it is transforming our beautiful planet into a place that will be uninhabitable. Glenn Close does a beautiful job with the English language narration, Salma Hayek voices the Spanish version and other ecology-minded actors contribute the French and other language editions. They’re all available online.

The documentary is intended to spur you to sustainable behavior, and ends with some instruction about how you can help conserve our Home.

Besson told me that the reason they named the film Home, although it’s actually extra-terrestrial in its point of view, is because “the word ‘home’ has the same meaning in all cultures, all languages. It is a place that people of all ages–even little kids–can identify and love. It is central to their sense of themselves. Earth is the only ‘home’ we have, so we must care for it that way.”

This is a must see film, especially for kids. Well, and parents, too. And, yes, any and everyone who thinks about what the future holds for our species and all the others that share our Home.

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  1. Very good documentary. I believe this documentary will make its viewer to at least think before their actions which are causing damage to our environment.

  2. Brilliant footage, as expected. It’s a personal thing but we found the commentary overly dramatic to the point it became annoying and we stopped watching. I guess it depends what level it is pitched at.

  3. Probably the most in credible documentary that I’ve ever watched. I’ll agree with Olgatolga, in that it should be mandatory viewing in all schools. If we all become aware of how our developing, industrial ways are affecting our environment and all the living things within it, maybe we would take more time in finding out how we are causing these changes, the damaging effects that we are creating and seek to find alternate methods to achieve the same goals without causing the damaging results. It is a very difficult goal to accomplish but at this stage in our development…we have no other choice! This documentary definately scares you into thinking about nhow we are living and how it is affecting everything around us. It tells us something that is very important…it is too late to be pessimistic.

  4. this movie should be mandatory viewing in schools

  5. 10/10

    – Excellent footage, from tropical forests and frozen tundras to high tech cities and low tech farms.
    – Discusses origins of life, and how they have shaped the planet’s systems such that more life is facilitated.
    – Discusses how some human developments are shaping the planet’s systems to be hostile to life as we know it.
    – Includes some information for how the audience can get involved in the relatively few human developments which are intended to reduce the impact of environmentally hazardous practices.  Note that this information occurs mostly at the end, or in the credits.
    – Concise narration.
    – Music changes to more “sinister” music when discussing environmentally harmful projects, which while showing bias by the producers, seems appropriate given modern views on these projects.  In general the music is operatic.
    The video is available on YouTube:
    (link worked in May 2011, from Canada)

    From my limited understanding of Copyright restrictions and their handling by YouTube, embedding the link into DocumentaryHeaven will not happen.  Allowing the show to simply be viewed on YouTube is the choice of the show’s original producers upon being notified that copyright infringement has already taken place by someone’s posting the show on YouTube (although in this case, there is an implication that the original producers were the ones who uploaded the show).

  6. It says that the Video is not available due to Copyright restrictions (USA)….can this be fixed so the link works?