Hooked: Illegal Drugs & How They Got That Way

Crack, Cokaine, Opium, Marhiuana, Heroine, etc. – Illegal Drugs have an enourmous impact on society. They make addictive, shorten our live-expectance and change the way we interact with other people. Drugs are therefore not onla a risk for ourselves but also for others. But many drugs have not allways been illegal, but were a medication against many “sicknesses”, like depressions or feeling tired. Even “coke” got popular because it has extracts of the coca-leave in it. Also in our times the use of drugs is often a sign, that people have problems in their live they don’t know any other way to escape than through drugs that change their recognition.

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  1. Was never going to watch this when the spelling mistakes in the description were so bad I could only imagine how bad the film would be!!

  2. After about 7 min I turned off this TOTAL FALSE PROPAGANDA GARBAGE. I really don’t understand how people can be so fucked up an evil as to produce such self righteous moralistic puke.  The authors should really be ashamed of them selves.